Paralyzed puppy meets love after crying in devastation when her babies were stolen one by one

For a mother dog, neither the physical pain, nor the most severe injury to her body, can be compared to the suffering of having her children taken away from her forever.

This suffering, which is understandable in human mothers, happens much more than we would like, also with puppies. And they also suffer the hard separation from their puppies.

Paralyzed and full of pain, a mother dog cried devastated when she was separated from her puppies.

Why would anyone play with the life of an innocent animal in such a cruel way? This is a question we always ask ourselves in dog rescue stories.

It is baffling how some do not consider in the least living, sentient creatures like dogs, and even more so the dog mothers, whom they often love even more than human mothers.

On the edge of the street, helpless and about to take her last breath.

For days, this brave canine crawled as best she could, along with her babies, in search of a safe place, hoping that someone would have a shred of compassion.

Animal Shelters rescuers in Rostov, western Russia, were alerted to a dog that was barely moving.

Most heartbreakingly, many passersby saw the mother and puppies, and did nothing to help her. What’s more, little by little, people were carrying their babies away as if they were prizes in a piñata, thinking that the mother would die.

The desperate little dog, unable to move due to a bullet wound in her spine that made it completely impossible for her to move, did nothing but cry for them not to be so cruel and give her back her little ones. But nothing worked!

She was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic to give her the second chance she had deserved for so long.

She was given painkillers and some antibiotics, but sadly the bullet severely affected her spinal cord and mobility. The vets were shocked to see that her little legs were “stiff as a tree branch”.

To make matters worse, she was suffering from mastitis and intestinal worms that were tormenting her.

They named the brave fighter Berry.

We can’t imagine the pain and stress Berry went through, not just because of her injuries, but especially because of the way her little ones were taken from her. What kind of heart could it be in to perpetrate such evil against a disabled mother?

The universe was truly testing this mother and her heroes. But they would not give up, she had such a sweet, touching and sad look in her eyes, they promised her that they would love her to infinity and pull her through.

But things got complicated for Berry, her health condition was critical and they had to take her to Moscow to be treated in another hospital. And when they thought they would have to say goodbye forever, a surgeon worked wonders thanks to everyone’s love and prayers.

They had to clean the pus and gangrene from her spine, and then she had to undergo chemotherapy.

Slowly, Berry began to look forward to life again. And little by little, she moved forward on her healing path, quite a long one, but with hope that they would make it.

Finally, one fine day, Berry brought tears to everyone’s eyes at the shelter when she was suddenly able to stand on her own, even though her hind legs were totally paralyzed.

Berry truly escaped death and wrote her new story thanks to love.

After 150 days of intensive care, Berry is now someone else and even socializes with other dogs. Her rescuers plan to get her a customized wheelchair to make it easier for her to get around. But nothing and no one can stop her.

Watch in the video below the incredible recovery journey of this brave little dog:

“Berry was separated from her puppies in tears, she had a bullet in her spine and life was fragile, she watched her puppies being taken away one by one. During her ongoing treatment, many bad things happened to her. I believe God has tested us,” her rescuers wrote next to the scenes that are hard not to be moved by.

The world needs more heroes like this! May Berry’s story serve to raise awareness, no mother deserves to suffer like that.

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