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It was from this group of prostitutes that the dirty things that happened in Ronaldo’s bedroom were spread to the newspapers. To make money from the tabloids, these women sold news about Ronaldo and a MU player “masturbating”, or what kind of underwear Ronaldo often gets stimulated by, all-night orgies, in the swimming pool. , jacuzzi and expensive cream sofa…

Tyese Cunningham and Gemma Storey are both acquaintances of Ronaldo. They excitedly described the sofa that Ronaldo often used to have “group fun”: “It’s very large and L-shaped. I can’t believe I’m there. Lying there, I felt like a WAG. It’s not just me who thinks so, but also the other 4 girls.”

3 chàng trai người Bồ Đào Nha luôn sát cánh ở MU và trong phòng ngủ

However, when Ronaldo paid, all five prostitutes saw that they were not really WAGs. In total it was only £2,900, plus £40 credit card fees, for all five of them. That amount of money is not equal to the champagne bill a player “burns” at a nightclub.

“They make me feel cheap,” she whined. “I have slept with about 200 clients and I have never been treated with such disrespect. They don’t care about our feelings. They don’t even talk. They just moved our bodies into the right position.”

However, the prostitutes’ emotions no longer existed when they received a call from Ronaldo, who wanted to “fly” with his teammates to celebrate MU’s first victory of the season against Tottenham. “I was about to go on a trip when I received a call. Seeing that the new contact was a player, I canceled the old customer.

3 Portuguese guys are always together at MU and in the bedroom 3 Portuguese guys are always together at MU and in the bedroom

I wore a blue and yellow mini dress, paired with very sexy black and white lingerie. It shows off my boobs and ass. Gemma also wore thongs to impress this group of players who thought they were rich and willing to play. Besides the two of us, there are three other girls, Hannah, Julia and Brandy-Lee.”

The girls went in a Mercedes driven by a fat guy to Ronaldo’s house. This fat guy also led them into Ronaldo’s house and asked: “Which of you is Hannah?”. That’s because this girl was holding a credit card machine. They went into the living room and were greeted by Anderson, then 19 years old, by kissing him on the cheek while Ronaldo just sat on the sofa smiling.

“Then a man I later learned was Nani walked in wearing only shorts, cockily saying, ‘I’m going to burn, guys,” Tyese said. Can you guys cool me down? I know this is not a simple purchase, but it will be tiring.”

The girls drink vodka and Red Bulls. Gemma said: “The only guy I recognized was Ronaldo. I liked him quite a bit so I asked him: Do you have a swimming pool?”. Soon after, Tyese and Gemma were naked in the swimming pool with Ronaldo and Nani. .

Tyese said: “Nani liked me so I went with him. We started kissing but I knew he just wanted to have sex. I wrapped my legs around his waist as we kissed and I saw Gemma kissing Ronaldo. Then Ronaldo turned to me and said: Kiss her.”

2 call girls Tyese Cunningham and Gemma Storey 2 call girls Tyese Cunningham and Gemma Storey

After Gemma and Tyese started kissing, Ronaldo pulled Gemma out of the swimming pool and took her to the bathroom. “She was having fun, I could actually hear her,” Tyese said. Gemma tries to pamper Ronaldo. “He is as strong as an ox. He turned me around and pushed me against the wall. After that, we did it right in the bathroom.”

Meanwhile, Tyese is paired with Nani. Afterwards, Ronaldo and Nani strolled during half-time. “We drank some vodka,” Tyese said. After that, we looked around the house. It’s funny because all of his personal photos are turned upside down so no one can see them.” After refilling their drinks, the girls returned to soak in the lake. Then their game took a turn for the worst.

“Suddenly, the fat guy turned around in just his shorts and walked into the pool,” Tyese said. He takes Gemma out. She turned to me, asking me to come with her but I said No. I went into the living room and lay alone for about 20 minutes on Ronaldo’s sofa, drinking Smirnoff and watching TV. How wonderful.

Then Hannah came and said: I can’t believe we’re here. I’m flirting with Ronaldo. Then I heard Gemma scream my name. I knew she wanted me to save her from the fat guy, so I lay on the floor. When she came down, she didn’t see me. He pulled her back upstairs. About 10 minutes later, the fat guy came down and said he wanted to have fun with me.”

The fat man took Tyese upstairs to the bedroom and got to work. After a while, Tyese said he wanted a drink, so he got dressed, ran downstairs and met Gemma. Both Ronaldo and Nani were there. Ronaldo took Tyese’s hand and led him into the billiard room.

“I thought, this is it, this is where I can have sex with Ronaldo. We entered the jacuzzi and he sat down and pulled me on top of him. For about five or six minutes, but he didn’t talk to me at all.

In his youth, Ronaldo spent all his energy on call girls and “paying” parties. In his youth, Ronaldo devoted all his energy

for call girls and “pay-for-pay” parties

We were paid to be there but he didn’t treat me right. I put my clothes back on and went to smoke. Next it was Anderson’s turn. He also took me into the billiards room. I like this guy. He didn’t treat me like a piece of raw meat but also took care of me. I don’t feel like I’m cheap in Anderson’s eyes,” Tyese said.

Thời trẻ, Ronaldo dành hết sức lực cho gái gọi và những bữa tiệc "bóc bánh trả tiền"

Soon Tyese and Gemma were back in the pool – this time with Nani, Anderson and Ronaldo. Then, her heart sank when she saw the fat guy also walk in. Ronaldo said something to him, the fat guy turned to me and Gemma and said: “Get out there, I want you to have fun with your mouth.”

“So we did it in front of everyone. Ronaldo stepped out of the swimming pool and took a selfie. Anderson sat to one side and Nani stood above us. They are all watching us,” Tyese continued.

The orgy lasted four hours and Ronaldo then went to sleep. The fat guy said to the girls: “You guys pack up and leave.” He treats them like trash. Tyese commented: “I think sleeping with three MU stars is like a dream come true. But now I realize that being a WAG is not fun if this is the general behavior of the players. They are the worst among my customers.”

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