DJ Khaled shows off a $65M plane almost like billionaire Elon Musk’s.-HoangGA

Khaled shows off a $65M plane almost like billionaire Elon Musk’s

DJ Khaled, a prominent figure in the music industry, epitomizes opulence through his ownership of a Gulfstream G650 jet worth $65 miℓℓiо𝚗.

Interestingly, his G650 closely resembles billionaire Elon Musk’s $70 miℓℓiо𝚗 Gulfstream G650ER, showcasing Khaled’s unapologetic embrace of luxury. His penchant for diamonds, affinity for luxury goods, and possession of this high-flying symbol of wealth underscore his prosperous lifestyle.

Khaled frequently showcases his extravagant life on social media, often adorning the entrance of his G650 jet with a bespoke blue carpet bearing the phrase “We The Best,” a nod to his CEO role in the eponymous company. This personalized touch exemplifies his flair for indulgence and customization.

Furthermore, Khaled’s extravagance extends beyond the skies to the realm of automobiles. His ownership of the Maybach 62 Landaulet, a masterpiece reminiscent of classic aesthetics, underscores his appreciation for timeless luxury.

This vehicle, produced in 2008, offers an unparalleled experience with its independent front seats that ensure privacy in the rear, a retractable soft top for panoramic sky views, and a robust V12 Twin-Turbocharged engine generating 612 horsepower.

Khaled’s lifestyle choices, from his G650 jet to the Maybach Landaulet, exemplify his pursuit of unmatched comfort and style. These luxurious acquisitions not only reflect his success but also reaffirm his status as a tastemaker and connoisseur of opulence in the world of music and beyond.

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