Drake held a Father’s Day party with his son at an $88M mansion in Miami

incredibly quick. A year after spending a lot on it, Drake sold the property perched atop a mountain in Beverly Hills. The rapper is asking $88 million for his resort-style hideaway, Mio. The house listing was revealed by TMZ.

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The over 25,000-square-foot estate was built for GUESS co-founder Armand Marciano over a lengthy period of time in the late 1990s by the renowned KAA Design Group architects. The Old World, Mediterranean-themed furnishings of the Tuscan-style estate were updated and remodeled by Robbie Williams, who purchased it for $33 million in 2015.

In March of last year, Drake purchased the enormous property from Williams and his wife Ayda Field for $75 million. Although it’s unknown what changes the rapper made, a slick real estate selling website claims the mansion appears to be almost exactly as it did when Field frequently shared photos of it on Instagram during Williams’ stay.

The property is reached through gates and a lengthy driveway from a hidden cul-de-sac above Benedict Canyon. Olive trees and oaks frame canyon, city, and ocean vistas. The property has an 11-car garage and a large motorcourt for dozens more.

Neutral rooms are simple and newly presented. A double-height foyer with a grand staircase, living room with two massive fireplaces, wine cellar, gym, elevator, kitchen with dual islands, and upstairs master retreat with a private view balcony and a salon-style bathroom bigger than other houses are highlights. A staff wing and guesthouse are standard.

Everything—including the acres of marble finishes and handmade woodwork—is unique and undoubtedly cost a lot to install. The listing boasts one of the largest lawns in the 90210, a full-size tennis court, an outdoor kitchen, and a “hidden” orchard. The approximately 20-acre estate is mostly hillside.

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