Kevin Hart always wants the best for his four children, lives in a multi-million dollar mansion, and uses all designer clothes ‎

Kevin Hart shares two children with his ex-wife Torrei and two with his wife Eniko

Kevin Hart’s home life and professional life are both splendid.

When not promoting comedy shows or appearing in blockbuster films, the Ride Along actor spends his time at home with his spouse and young children. Doyle Hart, age 18, and Hendrix Hart, age 16, are the eldest children that Hart has in common with his ex-wife, Torrei Hart. In 2011, following his divorce from Torrei, Hart wed his current wife, Eniko Hart. Subsequently, they had two more children: Kenzo, age 6, and Daizo, age 3.

While having children and several pets at home may induce feelings of sadness in the host, the comedian would not have it any other way.

“We both adore being parents and are devoted to the little ones that we currently have.” I mean, we have two toddlers and adolescents, man. He stated in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, “It’s the ideal separation of ages.” “It is an ideal threshold.” “It is precisely what you would imagine it to be and much more.”

In the past, Hart acknowledged that the demands of his multifaceted career prevented him from spending sufficient time with his family. Nevertheless, the pandemic of COVID-19 enabled him to “barely touch upon fatherhood.”

“I’ve never been home for this many weeks — or weeks, period — due to my occupation,” he told PEOPLE in January 2021. “I have never had the opportunity to spend more time with my family and have more meaningful conversations with them than I have during this pandemic course.”

He further stated that the experience enlightened him to “certain aspects that I overlooked, certain things that I failed to value to the same extent that I probably ought to have.”

Another moment that altered his perspective was following his car accident in 2019, during which he sustained severe back injuries and underwent an extensive recovery period. Hart revealed in a subsequent interview with Men’s Health that, ever since the tragedy, he has placed greater emphasis on spending time with his children.

“In all honesty, I was not doing much,” he admitted to the outlet. Currently, I am engaged in numerous minor yet significant endeavors. I am spending time with the children both prior to and following supper. We are preparing Chinese cuisine on Sundays, Taco Tuesdays, and Mexican food on Thursdays. Movie nights were held twice per week. Currently, I am exercising my dog. “I’m selecting p dog —.”

The father of many frequently posts affectionate moments and “little things” on Instagram, in addition to an abundance of family photographs.

The following is information regarding the four offspring of Kevin Hart: Heaven, Hendrix, Kenzo, and Kaori.

Leigh Heaven Hart, age 18

On March 22, 2005, Hart welcomed his first child with ex-wife Torrei.

Although Hart forbade her from pursuing comedy until she was 18 years old, Heaven aspires to emulate her father’s sense of humor regarding what is considered “silly.”

Hart stated of Heaven in 2016, “My daughter desires to be an entertainer so badly that I’m merely holding her back until she turns eighteen.” “As a father, I’ve decided to defer her until she reaches the age at which we can pursue any dream we desire.”

While awaiting the opportunity, Heaven rehearsed her comedic routines on her father. “Every day, my daughter [Heaven] forces me to sleep because she thinks I’m extremely cool.” She will text and refer to me as “Old raggedy back Jack” and “G” because I have my back. “That always makes me feel lazy,” Hart stated in August 2022 to PEOPLE.

Heaven completed her driver’s examination in 2021, following a few driving lessons with her father. Hart commemorated the occasion on Instagram. He wrote alongside a selfie of his daughter-in-law driving in a car, “My little girl is expanding ʉp.” In lieu of a present for his daughter’s sixteenth birthday, the comedian presented her with a Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV.

Hart disclosed to Ellen DeGeneres in February 2022 that Heaven intended to attend college out of state. “I have been attempting to manipulate her by suggesting that she consider relocating to Los Angeles due to the superior educational institutions here,” he quipped. “She is discussing New York City.”

“I adore the fact that she is expanding; she is my heart and best friend.” Additionally, it is somewhat emotional. “I foresee myself coming to the realization that her departure from the house is imminent, and it irks me.”

Their father-daughter relationship further encompasses the act of holding one another accountable. Hart discussed with presenter Will Smith, on a Father’s Day episode of Red Table Talk, his father’s reaction to his infidelity scandal. The comedian confirmed that the adolescent was “exceeding” him.

“It’s extremely difficult to bother me, but when your child expresses disappointment, emotion, or “I don’t understand why” and you have to have those conversations, well, my jaw drops for the very first time,” he explained. “Moreover, you have come to understand that there exists a unique emotional chord that can be plucked from you, one that no one else ever has the opportunity to touch.”

Hart persisted: “My daughter touched on that chord, man, you know, when my wife and I went through the entire cheating exhibition and what we went through… conversation with Heaven. Oh my God. That was absolutely unlike any other. Reuniting with my daughter. Convincing my daughter of my remorse and the error that I had committed… Real, that was.”

Hart demonstrated his eldest daughter’s maturity in May 2023 by posting photographs of Heaven in her prom gown. The adolescent posed in a green gown in one photograph, while her father, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, smiled.

“I am at a loss for words…”absolutely ecstatic,” the actor chimed into the comment. Yesterday, my little daughter appeared absolutely stunning. “Where does time seem to fly?”

Heaven secured her high school diploma later that month.

“I am extremely proud of my young daughter. Dream enormously, damn it!” A series of photographs from his daughter’s graduation celebration were captioned by Hart.

In August, Hart shared a heartfelt Instagram message honoring Heaven, a student whom he seemingly had just discharged for her initial year of college.

Hart wrote beneath a photo of himself and three of his children in what appeared to be a college dorm room, “I’m not crying [you’re] crying.” “I am extremely proud of my daughter….”It is no longer appropriate to refer to you as “little girl”; you have developed into the most incredible young woman ever!!!!”

He proceeded: “My daughter is leaving for college…. “I shed sobs in the car!”

(16) Hendrix Hart

Hendrix Hart, the firstborn of Hart and Torrei, was born on November 8, 2007. Hendrix had developed a persistent preoccupation with the Jʅmanji actor’s stand-in lines over the course of time.

Hart regarded his then-8-year-old son as his “best friend” and even appointed him as his best man for his 2016 wedding to Eniko.

On the adolescent’s birthday in 2021, Hart purchased a ticket for him to a Los Angeles Lakers game. Hendrix was bestowed with remarkable mementos by NBA luminaries following the game. These included sneakers signed by Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony, in addition to a jersey donated by Anthony Davis.

Additionally, the comedian expressed satisfaction as he congratulated Hendrix on completing the eighth grade.

“The flyest/coolest kid that I know… I’м so proυd of yoυ son,” he wrote alongside a pictυre of Hendrix wearing a sυit against a backdrop of balloons. “Congrats on conqυering this stage of life … so мany stages left to go … at this rate and pace υ are poised and positioned to conqυer theм all. Love yoυ chaмp … υ мake υr father proυd daily!!!!!”

Kenzo Kash Hart, 6

On November 21, 2017, Hart and Eniko welcomed their first child together, Kenzo Kash Hart. The production father tweeted the news with the following: “God is truly incredible… At 1:45 a.m., Kenzo Kash Hart was born. He is in good health and is already grinning. Much obliged to all for their prayers!!!! We appreciate and adore you, #Harts.”

Hart commemorated his younger son Kenzo’s third birthday in 2020 with an Instagram photoshoot in which he revealed several of the child’s nicknames.

Hart wrote, “Happy B Day to the coolest three-year-old on the planet.” “Your parents adore you to the point of death, Zo Bear Aka Aka “Pretty Boy King, Hot Feet, Heavy Head, Pitter Patter, Prince Zo, or Little Burgher King, because you must have your way.”

The Philadelphia native has instilled in his children, Kenzo in particular, his ardor for the Philadelphia Eagles. Kenzo, along with his father and elder siblings, Heaven and Hendrix, attended the Philadelphia Eagles’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers on January 29, 2023. The victory earned the Eagles an invitation to the 2023 Super Bowl.

Hart documented their Instagram experience from their seats, where Kenzo could be seen grinning and donning a Reggie White jersey. After the Eagles’ Super Bowl loss to the Kansas City Chiefs a few days later, Hart uploaded a video of himself FaceTiming a heartbroken Kenzo. Hart responds to Kenzo’s statement in the video, “Bυt I’m still a little bit depressed,” with Hart stating, “Daddy is depressed as well, but do you know what Zo? We are supporters of the Eagles. We remain devoted Eagles supporters until the day we depart.

The video was accompanied by the caption “We are heartfelt in the Hart Household .I continue to adore my city and my team! Much obliged for an extraordinary season .. We anticipate returning next year! “My young man suffered a crash.”

Mai Kaori Hart, 3

The daughter of Hart and Eniko, Kaori Mai Hart, was born on September 29, 2020. The mother of two announced the news via social media, describing her newborn as “a tiny bit of heaven sent to earth.”

Hart discussed the birth of his fifth child in an interview with Extra, stating that he was striving to “not be the jaded dad.”

“This is birth number four.” Do you weep during the delivery room experience? No. “Having observed it, you are familiar with the rope,” he joked. “I am removing the stiffness from the doctor’s grasp; hand it over to me, and I will clamp the umbilical cord.” “I obtained it and placed her under the heat lamp,” he continued. “When you return home and get a good glimpse at everyone together, it begins to sink in… When one looks and exclaims, “Wow, our family is six members!” “When you incorporate the dogs, the number will be eight.” “I am most concerned with establishing and bequeathing a lasting legacy to my family, whether it be in my lifetime or not.”

Kaori’s first birthday was commemorated by the Harts through a pink-themed celebration, and it appears that their youngest child is already influenced by her father.

In February 2022, Hart disclosed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that Kaori had only recently begun speaking when she noticed that she had already adopted several of his “bad habits.”

“She has a few sentences that she has put together. To begin with, dada. “I would say that Dada was the first one, even if it wasn’t,” he divulged. “And s—. She declared, “S—” It is not being celebrated by me. “I am not saying this to boast, but I will say that s— is a good one.” “We’ve been spending a lot of time together, and my child has picked up some bad habits,” the comedian continued. “She will be fine, everything is fine.”

KaoWhile her father is abroad at work, Ri is also learning how to FaceTime, although she has not quite mastered the skill.

“Every day, my daughter Ori forces me to laugh,” Hart told PEOPLE in July 2022. “Although she is currently speaking, her recent development on FaceTime is that she cannot hold the phone still in order to see it; therefore, she simply walks while using it.”

He continued, “Everything is scattered about. “Her incapability to do more than glance at the phone truly irritates me, but she will persevere with it anyway; she will want to show you her stuff, but she is oblivious to the fact that she is not doing so.”

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