Nasty C unveils his opulent mansion, complete with a magnificent supercar empire, epitomizing luxury and grandeur in every corner-pvth

Nsikayesizwe Nasty C, the stage nɑme of David Junior Ngcobo, is one of South Africa’s biggest musical exports.

The young hustler is a rapper, record producer, actor, and composer who is now signed to the prestigious Def Jam Records. He is still so young, but he has done so much.

Nasty C lives with Sammie, his lifelong partner, at a house in one of Johannesburg’s green areas. In 2017, after thighs broke into Nasty C’s home, the four occupants were attacked and bound.

The home was then searched by the intruders, who stole a few things before fleeing. Despite the attackers’ use of gᴜns and other weapons, nobody was hurt during the invasion.

Following the sad incident, the rapper started posting less photos of his house and other locations on social media, just out of concern for his safety.

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