PSquare indulges in his hobby by purchasing pricey jets-HoangGA


PSquare indulges in his hobby by purchasing pricey jets

It has emerged that, according to early rumors, the Nigerian rock duo P-Square—Peter and Paul Okoye—does not own a private plane, even if their admirers were rejoicing over what seemed to be their acquisition.

The circumstances were explained by P-Square’s publicist, Bayo Adetu, in an exclusive interview on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review.” He disclosed that the firm had a contract with a private aircraft company, but they did not genuinely possess a private plane. They could use a reserved private jet anytime they needed to thanks to this arrangement.

“I think it’s been added to P-Square’s entourage because we have a deal with a private jet company,” Adetu said in reference to the private jet. Thus, P-Square has the right to use the private plane at any time, day, for any official show. P-Square continued to be the only African musician to have such a special arrangement, which gave them unlimited access to a private plane whenever they wаnted.

Adetu affirmed the veracity of the rumored agreement with Universal Records. He said, “That’s true, indeed. The agreement was finalized on Thursday, May 31, 2012. He explained that the agreement was global in nature and not limited to South Africa. The agreement was signed in South Africa, and the paperwork was sent to the global offices of Universal Records. This arrangement was important on a global scale.

Adetu made hints about encouraging outcomes from this agreement. This contract is only one of many positive things that I believe are in their future. The agreement is satisfactory to all sides, and we feel at ease with every aspect of it. For now, that is all I have to sаy.

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