Usher’s Humble Beginnings: Admiring His First Home as He Embarked on Entrepreneurship at the Age of 13

In a 2003 episode of “How I’m Living,” the singer of “U Remind Me” expressed his longstanding desire to purchase the house, a dream he had nurtured since the age of 13.

As depicted in the BET broadcast, Usher Raymond IV was introduced to the house when it was owned by music producer L.A. Reid.

Inspired by the residence, the actress from “Moesha” envisioned, “Someday, I aspire to own a house like this.”

Comprising a vast 8000 square feet, the house boasts seven bedrooms and eight-and-a-half bathrooms.

According to reports by The Blast, the property features a climate-controlled treehouse, a yoga studio, and a private dance studio.

Back in 2003, Usher eloquently described the master bedroom as “exquisite, yet profoundly cozy and seductive,” reflecting his personal aesthetic.

He stated, “This room truly embodies my essence.”

The musician’s Los Angeles property, valued at $4.2 million, has been listed for sale. Unfortunately, in late March, the property fell victim to a break-in. According to The Blast’s report on Tuesday, the thieves managed to abscond with jewelry and cash amounting to $820,000.

The burglars went to great lengths to evade capture, including confiscating the tapes from the security cameras on the estate, rendering their identification nearly impossible.

Situated on a hill overlooking Sunset Strip, the mansion covers 4,261 square feet and encompasses five bedrooms, four full bathrooms, two half bathrooms, and a refreshing pool area.

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