Wizkid’s $75M private plane makes him feel like a king

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, widely recognized as WIZKID or Starboy, is a renowned Nigerian artist, stage performer, and songwriter. Wizkid has maintained a prominent presence in the Nigerian music scene for more than a decade, amassing millions of fans both domestically and internationally.

Naomi Campbell Takes Wizkid On Her Private Jet To Italy (Photos) - Gistmania

It has been widely reported that Wizkid commands substantial fees, amounting to millions of Naira and thousands of dollars, for his performances at various shows and events. Unsurprisingly, his estimated net worth stands at a remarkable ₦7.3 billion.Top 9 Nigerian Musicians Who Own Private Jet

Given his star status, it’s almost inconceivable that a performer of Starboy’s stature would choose to travel on a commercial airplane. Wizkid, in fact, owns a private jet that he frequently utilizes for concert appearances and sometimes for relaxed get-togethers with friends like Phyno.Is Wizkid, Tiwa Savage having an affair? - Vanguard NewsDid Wizkid Get Private Jet

While there has been substantial speculation surrounding Wizkid’s financial capacity to acquire a private jet, reports suggest that the value of his personal aircraft is an astonishing $40 million. Whether he procured it himself or received it as a gift, the Starboy vocalist relishes the luxury of cruising in style and capturing countless photographs while aboard his private jet.

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