A cute abandoned cat is found on the street in need of a forever home

Tiffany is a member of the Michigan Humane Animal Shelter in Michigan, USA. She was about to pick up a phone call when she noticed a cat curled up in the cold in the middle of the roadway. As he got closer, he noticed a cat curled up on top of an orange plastic bag in the snow and dirt outside his window.

He came close to Tiffany for warmth as soon as Tiffany managed to grip the wobbly kitty. The kitten had somehow survived the weather and the asphalt, and appeared to be in fine health.

The beautiful 4-month-old cat named ‘Lodge’ had already won everyone in the Detroit shelter when he let out his loving disposition and propensity for snuggling.

The beautiful Lodge does not appear to have enough snuggling and pampering, as its rescue constantly seeks out attention.

Anna explains:

“Lodge is a nice, sassy cat with a sense of humour. He enjoys being held as well as playing!’

For the time being, the shelter is looking for the perfect family for this sweet rescue cat. Due of Lodge’s energy, they urge that he go to a household with not-too-young children. They are now accepting adoption applications and will soon locate the perfect home for him.

What is certain is that Lodge will be well-loved and showered with embraces wherever he goes; the brave feline deserves it.

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