A faithful dog refuses to leave her deceased owner’s coffin on the way to the cemetery

A faithful dog resisted being separated from the coffin carrying her deceased owner. It was her way of showing her unconditional love, literally until the end of her days.

For a very long time, dogs have demonstrated the degree of loyalty they can have for their owners. Anyone who has a dog in his life knows that when he gets home, he will find waiting for him a being that, without asking for anything in return, is willing to accompany him forever, even if that “forever” is after death.

There are several demonstrations of this statement and today Lessie’s story reminds us how loyal and unconditional a furry friend can be.

This little black dog is mourning her owner.

Lessie is a little furry dog from Buonabitacolo, a small town in the province of Salerno, in southern Italy, who has always been characterized by an unquestionable love for her owner.

She, like many other puppies, was unable to suspect that one day her human might not even be there for her. But sadly, death is inexorable and affects everyone equally.

A few months ago, Lessie was devastated to lose her human dad forever. That man with whom she had shared the last few years of her life.

Confused and heartbroken, the mongrel would not leave her owner’s body for a moment during the funeral ceremony.

It seems that Lessie was reluctant to have her human put in that small, uncomfortable box. She wasn’t sure what was going on, so she preferred to accompany him at all times and continue to protect him until the end.

What the furry one didn’t know was that her time had expired.

The pictures of Lessie at the funeral gave a lot to talk about on social networks, after one of those present decided to share them on Facebook.

With her languid little face and without making much movement, the furry girl climbed into the hearse that transported the body to the cemetery.

Lessie undaunted accompanied her dad at all times and this surprised more than one.

The little dog, with a bell around her neck, showed an exemplary behavior and honored with her presence the memory of her owner. There is no doubt that furry dogs often give us the best lessons, and this was no exception.

That image of the mestizo next to the urn, next to the flowers and with an immense load of desolation in her eyes, was enough for the hearts of these people to take pity and decide to keep her at home.

The man’s own family members were captivated by Lessie’s loyalty.

Lessie’s life must go on and her image will remain etched in the memory of many as the most beautiful display of faithfulness. She is recovering from the absence and has received the blessing of so many people who applaud her behavior.

“God bless this little dog. They are man’s best friend and never forget their owners even if they have been bad,” wrote a woman on Facebook.

For their part, the owners of the funeral home Ferro di Montesano sulla Maricati, where the events took place, assured that the presence of the dog next to the coffin was not planned.

They themselves were surprised by the loving gesture of the animal, and at the same time they were moved by the deep love of the dog for its owner.

Undoubtedly, dogs are angels on this earth and like Lessie they do not deserve to be alone, especially when they show their love to the last consequences.

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