A lost dog walks 45 miles across California looking for of a loving family

It is not unusual for missing pets to stray far from their homes. According to dog rescuer Suzette Hall, this is what distinguishes them from abandoned dogs.

“Abandoned animals remain where their owners left them,” Hall told The Dodo. However, those that are lost simply roam.

When Hall received a call about a recently adopted dog named Koa who had escaped from his new home, she anticipated a potentially lengthy voyage.

Hall had no idea that the lost dog would trek 45 miles across California before finding a permanent home.

Hall and her rescue partner publicized Koa’s missing status on local social media pages, making sure to notify nearby cities.

“Then we began to receive all of these sightings,” Hall added. “I have no idea how he traveled to all these cities, but he went everywhere.”

According to Hall, Koa sightings were reported in a handful of Southern California locales.

Hall noted in a FB post, “He traveled from Yorba Linda to Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach to Westminster.” All of the police and all of the cities were aware of him.

After two months on the road, Koa arrived in Westminster, around 45 miles from his adopted home.

Hall reacted to the report and subsequently discovered Koa hiding in a church. She laid a trap for Koa and waited, but he did not take the bait.

Hall stated, “No one could catch him because he was so timid.”

But after two months of unsuccessful pursuit, Hall was resolved to rescue Koa for good. With the assistance of two Westminster animal control officers, Hall was able to corral Koa into a confined area while the police netted him safely.

Hall stated, “It was only a miracle that we captured him.”

Hall took Koa directly to the veterinarian and then called his adoptive parents, who returned Koa to her.

Koa, who was quite underweight when Hall rescued him, received the necessary veterinary attention and swiftly recovered from his lengthy voyage. He then met his eternal family.

Hall stated, “It took him years to come out of his shell, but now he’s simply a sweetheart.”

Koa now has an incredible family and a warm home. Koa can be spotted playing in his backyard when he’s not snuggling up with his humans. And he has not attempted to escape again.

“His new mom just loves him,” Hall added. “His life is the best.”

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