A man rescues a malnourished Husky from the streets and raises her to be a lovely dog

Rico Soegiarto was on his way home from work when he first saw Hope. The Siberian Husky was lying in the middle of the street of Denpasar, Bali, emaciated and dying.

Living on the island of Bali, stray dogs are a familiar sight. But something about Hope made Rico pause.

Rico, 26, has four rescue dogs already, but he felt immediately drawn to her.

“I don’t know what was special about her,” Rico told Bored Panda. “It’s about heart and feeling. I found her when I was on the way back home from work, she was in the middle of the street.”

He took her home and knew she didn’t have much longer to live without care. Despite her terrible condition, Hope’s eyes shined brightly.

When he saw how much hope she had in her eyes, Rico was even more determined to give her a second chance.

He began to nurse her back to health.

Slowly but surely, Hope’s coat began to grow back and she began to put on weight. Her adorable personality began to emerge too.

After 10 months Rico was thrilled with her transformation.

Hope, too, is thrilled with her new life. She is now part of Rico’s family and adores being petted and getting attention.

It’s wonderful to see Hope so healthy after being so neglected. And it would not have happened had Rico not cared and rescued her.

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