A woman attempting to save a little dog left in a box by the side of the road

A woman named Ashley was leaving work to go home. She followed her usual route and eventually started walking down her street. But as Ashley approached her house, she saw an Amazon box at the end of her driveway. It was strange. Maybe someone had put it there by mistake. Ashley got out of the car and walked over to the box. She thought she heard something moving inside. It had been a long day, but something was still wrong. Just then, she heard faint screams. Ashley immediately grabbed the box and ran home.

Inside was a little puppy. It was so small that Ashley didn’t know what to do! She immediately called a local vet. He told Ashley what to do with the puppy until she saw him the next day. Ashley tried to give the puppy some special food in a bottle. It was definitely hungry.

She decided to name the puppy Jackson.

Jackson was only three weeks old. It wasn’t ideal. He had to live with his mother. He could not regulate his body temperature or eat on his own. He had to be supervised 24 hours a day and needed practical help. The next day the vet told Ashley what she needed to do to care for Jackson properly.

They return home and Ashley introduces Jackson to her cat Dan. The two hit it off quickly! Dan even showed Jackson how to play! But soon Ashley realized something was wrong with Jackson. She couldn’t understand what was going on, but a mom can. She called the vet and made an emergency appointment for the little pup.

The vet discovers the probable cause of Jackson’s callous neglect and it breaks Ashley’s heart. But she refuses to give up on the little puppy.

Watch the video below to learn more about Jackson and what happens next.

This is a truly incredible story!

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