Abandoned Pitbull sneaks into a family’s backyard thinking they’ll hopefully adopt him

When a puppy is abandoned and later rescued everything changes for him, although sometimes it is hard for them to adapt to their new family, they always end up giving in and surrendering with love to the people who rescued them.

This is the case of Poppy, a beautiful pit bull who arrived at the right place at the right time after living for years with a man who did not give him the attention he deserved.

The family does not know how the abandoned puppy got to the garden.

Popy appeared sitting in the garden of a house, uninvited and never seen before. Out of nowhere, he was there as if he was hoping with all his might that it was the perfect place for him.

Lakisha Smith and her daughter were the first people to see him, their first impression was that of a little dog in bad shape in desperate need of a loving gesture.

He clearly needed help and the sweet little dog chose the right yard to receive it.

Lakisha and her daughter approached the puppy, the young girl decided to pet it very carefully to avoid scaring it, and together they decided to name it.

The puppy happily accepted the petting and entered the house where, unbeknownst to them, it later became its new home. Mrs. Smith comments on the matter:

“I told my daughter to feed him because he looked like he was starving. He was thirsty and very dehydrated.

When I went back to run errands, my husband Trey, our daughter Ja’Mya and I gave him a bath. He was infested with fleas, his hair was in bad shape and very dirty.”

He had to suffer a lot being a victim of neglect, negligence and unlove

The family did everything they could to make the little dog feel comfortable, they wanted to make him forget everything he had been through, that night they prepared a small bed for him and let him rest sweetly.

The next day they posted a picture of the puppy in several Facebook groups with the intention of finding his former owners, they even took him to the vet to be scanned for a microchip, but all attempts were unsuccessful.

The family deep down was relieved at the results, Poppy had undoubtedly stolen their hearts.

Poppy also enjoys the company of a canine sibling.

While the sweet furball initially had a hard time adjusting to her new home, after a few days she had formed an incredible bond with the entire family.

However, just when everything seemed to be working out in complete harmony, a man showed up at the Smith home with the intention of reclaiming Poppy, but the sweet little dog’s reaction was one of total rejection towards his former owner. He had not cared for him at all well and the crafty little dog knew it all too well.

The man saw how much he was loved, so he decided to leave without him. Lakisha comments that the man walked away and said:

“Now you have the home you should have always had.”

Since then, the family knew that all the ghosts of the past were gone, Poppy was officially a member of the family.

While she has been struggling with some illnesses, due to living outdoors for so long, after a few visits to the veterinary clinic, she has managed to regain her health and most importantly, heal her heart.

The vet told the Smiths:

“He is now looking forward to living next to his new family.”

This beautiful little dog is very fortunate to have a new family to watch over him unconditionally. He is sure to have many years of life to share with such special people.

This touching story had a happy ending thanks to the infinite kindness and love of the family who decided not to close the doors on him. How smart of you, Poppy, to show up in the right yard!



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