Abandoned puppy fights for its life after getting stuck with a bag of potatoes in its little head

A helpless puppy nearly lost his life when he was left in the middle of a snowy field with his head trapped in a bag of potatoes, until a Samaritan saw him and decided to intervene.

Homeless puppies rely on their own efforts to get some food, but many times they don’t know the risks they could be taking.

The poor puppy was struggling with all his might not to suffocate to death.

Footage from a man in Manitoba, Canada, shows the furry puppy sitting on two legs with its head raised as if trying to breathe.

The poor puppy had gotten stuck in a potato bag, most likely while trying to eat the leftovers inside, and his air was running out when the Samaritan spotted him.

In the footage, the furry fellow tries to wriggle out of the problem and shakes his head vigorously, hoping the bag would break or he could remove it, but his pirouettes don’t work.

The danger was imminent.

Although the recording does not show it until the moment when the person is closer to the puppy, apparently the animal was in an unstable area and the Samaritan found it difficult to reach the place.

The subject had spotted it in the distance and began to plan the rescue before starting to film.

He only wanted to help him, but fearing that the puppy would get further away, he decided to do it cautiously, as he did not know what its reaction might be.

When he realized that it was a small dog, he decided to start whistling and calling him with sweet words so that the puppy would come to him.

It was difficult for the Samaritan to move through the thick snow. Fortunately, the dog responded and the man himself walked nimbly to meet him.

No doubt he was quite a docile puppy, for despite his barking, he understood that there was someone nearby willing to help him.

He just couldn’t see it.

No one knows how long the puppy had been trapped in the bag, but in a matter of minutes the man helped him out.

When he lifted the bag, he was touched by the tenderness of the puppy, who seemed grateful for having saved him.

As it was reported, it was a puppy without a family that was wandering around the place. Sadly, there are many like him in the area and some of them lose their lives because of the heavy snowfalls that hit the area.

The descent would have been worse for the puppy who did not have enough air to breathe inside the bag.

But the guy had the heart to reach out and help him.

Jasmine Colucci, founder of K-9 Advocates Manitoba, explained that these cases are not isolated to the area.

In fact, packs of semi-wild rottweilers, border collies and pitbulls are often seen roaming the area.

It seems that these furry dogs group together to defend themselves in the face of danger, but this particular puppy was alone and helpless.

Look how cute this little guy was.

Colucci confessed to being overwhelmed by the number of cases she receives about these homeless animals.

Specifically, the puppy in the video could not be known if he belonged to a family, nor did he have a chip with him.

For this reason, after being rescued, he was taken to a shelter where he would be rehabilitated and put up for adoption.

This story had a happy ending thanks to the man who decided to approach and help this puppy.

Hopefully it will help inspire other people, but more importantly, the video will help raise awareness about the dangers that these little ones are exposed to because they don’t have the presence of a family.

The luck of this little dog was tremendous, let’s hope he now finds the love and security he deserves.


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