Abandoned puppy spends all day begging for food in Starbucks parking lot

A tiny puppy had to fend for himself after he was abandoned in a Starbucks parking lot. The place was so desolate and he was starving, he had no choice but to turn to the mercy and compassion of people.

In this world there are a huge number of animals that do not have a home and depend on the compassion of people on the street for food and water.

And although there are people who take care of rescuing them from the street, there are still not enough hands to help them all. However, there are still cases with happy endings.

During a routine night for the Hope For Paws organization, they received a call from a stranger about an animal that was in trouble, so one of their members quickly mobilized to the area.

This little guy was abandoned in a Starbucks parking lot.

It turns out that the call was from a Starbucks worker, who informed them that a small puppy had been spotted roaming around their parking lot, begging for food from everyone in sight.

What concerned this worker the most was the fact that the little doggie could be in danger due to cars coming in and out of the establishment. The person in charge of helping the dog was activist Eldad, who had a lot of experience helping homeless pets and knew that the first step to take was to gain the puppy’s trust.

With a little food, the puppy began to feel more secure with Eldad.

It was then that Eldad slowly approached the little animal, trying not to scare it, offering it some food. Noticing this, the little one approached the man a little shyly, but accepted what he offered him.

At this moment Eldad could notice tiredness in the little dog’s eyes, and as soon as he could he put a collar on him. At this point the stray dog felt fear for the collar, but Eldad assured him that he was now safe and that things would get better.

That seemed to be exactly what the little animal needed to hear to calm down.

After mounting the married animal to the car, Eldad uploaded a photo to Instagram asking Hope For Paws followers to choose a name for the puppy, thus christening him Bean.

Upon arriving at the shelter’s headquarters they checked Bean’s condition and noticed that he didn’t possess any microchip, so he was most likely born on the street. Also, luckily he was completely healthy, and only required a bath to be as good as new.

Bean was in very good condition for a stray puppy.

As Bean began to feel more comfortable and confident inside the shelter, he began to show his energy and friendliness to all the people and pets that approached him.

Here you can watch Bean’s rescue;

After finishing his medical treatment, Bean is more than ready for the next chapter of his life and hopes to be adopted soon.

The members of Hope For Paws are more than sure it won’t take long because of how charismatic and adorable the puppy is, and they can’t stop thanking the Starbucks worker who decided to do something about it.

Hopefully everyone who comes across a creature in distress knows not to deny them a helping hand, they only deserve love and protection when they need it the most.

May this story serve to raise awareness and to motivate many people not to pass by when it comes to rescuing animals on the street.

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