An abandoned puppy is surrounded by vultures waiting for a meal, and the touching narrative that follows occurs

It can be said that animals are a kind of very intuitive creatures. They can sense our fear, our happiness, our sadness. This seems to be especially true for dogs.

Other animals, even of different species, get along well. They have basic instincts that we as humans let our consciousness get in the way.

We may think our dogs are unwell, but their dogs, or perhaps even cats or birds seem to know this to a greater extent.

They regulate body language and you feel like they can almost smell our physical illness and how deep it goes.

When we are sick, they are always by our side, willing to help us get well. This makes people even more scared when people look at a suffering animal and feel nothing.

Or when they ignore the responsibility of caring for something that depends on them to survive.

It’s a very dark story for a young puppy named Lilo. She made many friends in the yard where she was banished to stay. But this is not the kind of friend you want to have.

They are vultures and they are using their animal instincts to be with this puppy for all the worst reasons.

Continue reading on the next page to see what happened to this tiny puppy and why the vultures were meant to be her friends!

On Christmas Day 2014, it was a horrifying sight for 8-month-old Lilo. She was left in the yard, chained to a tree with nothing but a small crate to stay and keep warm.

But not only that, Lilo is surrounded by vultures. This went on for 5 days and no one helped her or cared.

They were waiting for the right moment to eat her, a thought that would break the heart of any dog lover.

But someone took care of Lilo and on day 5 she was rescued by the Merit Pit Bull Foundation.

They took her away and eventually found a worthy home for Keana Lynch and boyfriend Travis Henley.

She was malnourished, underweight and suffered from several skin infections but with love and proper care she became a happy healthy puppy.

She was at home and those who would treat her like any beautiful, loving dog should be treated. Even without any human kindness for the first 8 months of her life, Lilo quickly became a shun.

Her new family also said she didn’t know what to do in the house or even what her toys really were. But she was a very intelligent puppy and soon played with her toys like any puppy.

Today the only clue about her past life is that she hates being alone. Fortunately, she now has a lovely younger sister to keep her company in while her parents are away.

She has also become an ambassador for the Merit Pit Bull Foundation, working with dozens of children to spread the word about being a responsible pet owner and the happy ending that comes from a rescued puppy.

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