As double power – Mi-28UB combat training helicopter with dual control system

The Mi-28UB is Russia’s new and advanced helicopter designed for both training purposes and combat missions. The manufacturers at the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant equipped it with the same attack capabilities of the original Mi-28 Night Hunter, plus improved avionics and a dual flight control system.

The Mi-28UB meets the training requirements of the Russian Ministry of Defence, as well as those of export customers. It can also serve as an attack helicopter, performing search-and-destroy missions against land-based targets, small naval vessels and low-speed aerial targets during the day or night and in all weather conditions.

Russian Helicopters unveiled the Mi-28UB helicopter to the public at the International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS 2013). The Russian Ministry of Defence plans to acquire up to 60 Mi-28 UB helicopters for the Russian Air Force by 2020. The new helicopters will complement the Air Force command units that typically operate Night Hunter helicopters.

The Russian Defence Ministry signed a contract with Russian Helicopters for 24 Mi-28UB helicopters in April 2016. The first batch of eight Mi-28UB helicopters was delivered in November 2017. Production on the second batch of helicopters began in March 2018.

The Mi-28UB incorporates a pod and boom design with a five-bladed main rotor mounted over the fuselage midsection and podded twin engines on either side of the fuselage. The main rotor and tail rotor blades are built using composite materials.

Two wings hinged to the rear of fuselage midsection allow the helicopter to carry weapons. The fuselage features tandem, stepped-up cockpits and a belly mounted cannon. The cockpit and vital elements of the Mi-28UB are armoured to enhance the safety of crew from enemy firearms, while the power plant and the hydraulic systems are fire retardant.

The Mi-28UB helicopter retains the attack capabilities of the Night Hunter combat helicopter even though it is intended for training purposes. The tandem glass cockpit of the Mi-28UB has a dual hydro-mechanical flight control system, which allows the crew to operate the helicopter either from the pilot’s cockpit or the instructor’s cockpit.

The movable gun mount fitted under the nose is installed with a 2A42 30mm cannon. The under-wing weapon stations can hold air-to-ground missiles, air-to-air missiles, rocket pods and fuel tanks. The airborne radar and day-and-night target observation and sight system is fitted to the Mi-28UB to ensure the tracking and engaging of targets.

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