Blind woman collapses on riverbank and 2 homeless dogs act to save her

For a blind woman, to have the support of a society that adapts to her needs, and to be able to have a safe and peaceful life, is priceless.

But sadly, we know that this is not always the case. There is no shortage of places that are not suitable for the blind, nor is there sufficient understanding and solidarity when she needs help. But the woman in this story was surprised by fate with the two messenger angels with tails and four legs that fate sent her when she needed it most.

The blind woman collapsed on the banks of a river

There are many people who need nothing else in their lives but the presence of their faithful canine friends.

Especially those in street conditions who make the furry companions the perfect companion to brighten the days filled with so much uncertainty.

Unfortunately, a large number of homeless people and dogs roam the streets of the world waiting for a gesture of love.

We recommend you to read the complete odyssey of these stray dogs that saved the blind woman.

Many times they end up coming together and creating a beautiful bond where despite the precariousness they may live, they are certain that they will always be there for each other.

Recently, a man witnessed a beautiful act of love and loyalty from two stray dogs to their owner who was in trouble.

The young man noticed that the canines were guarding the woman who was lying on the bank of a river completely covered in mud.

Apparently, the woman had fallen and was lying unconscious at the river’s edge while her faithful dogs, who acted as her true guardian angels, stood by her side begging for help.

The incident occurred on the bank of a river in Nepal.

Ake Srisuwan is the name of the young man who found the puppies taking care of their owner, he says that at first he didn’t quite know what the furry dogs were doing.

And after a couple of minutes he understood that they were guarding their owner, who from a distance was not very visible because she was lying on the ground covered in mud.

Stray dogs are very loyal to whoever offers them the love they so desperately need.

Srisuwan did not hesitate to call the relevant authorities to take care of the situation. Without a doubt, the woman and the puppies needed to be taken care of.

One of the puppies was next to the woman, the other appeared to be guarding the area a few meters away.

Thanks to the young man’s efforts to get a lot of publicity in the local media, the Nepalese authorities reacted and decided to help the woman and her faithful companions.

This small team of three was taken to the local hospital where they received the necessary care.

The authorities were quick to respond to young Ake’s pleas.

The young man managed to talk to some locals and discovered that this was a blind lady who always walked accompanied by her dogs.

Which made the story much more emotional for Srisuwan. Of course, also for us.

Fortunately, the woman was not seriously injured and was quickly released, her first reaction was to go to her beautiful angels.

Of course, they were the ones who saved her life.

Finally, the woman was reunited with her faithful little angels.

Some members of the community are doing what they can to get the woman and her two dogs off the streets.

Hopefully someday they will be able to enjoy all the love they have for each other in better conditions.

Stories like these remind us that dogs can show much more compassion than some humans.

They are undoubtedly faithful to those who give them trust and protection. Let’s keep watching over these creatures full of love!


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