Brave dog loses his life while protecting his family from bee swarm attack

It is undeniable that bees are a wonder of nature. However, they are not characterized by being very friendly, so sometimes they can represent a real danger to those who have the misfortune to cross their path.

Bees can be dangerous

This is what happened to an unfortunate family that was enjoying a moment of recreation in the City Park, in Brasilia, who were put at risk by a swarm of bees in the parking lot of the place.

The mishap occurred when two women, 38-year-old lawyer Luana Iara Vieira and her 72-year-old mother, were about to play with their canines, eager to spend a moment of recreation and fun.

They never imagined that in a matter of minutes their lives would be in grave danger.

The attack happened in such a shocking way. Luana barely managed to open her car doors when the bees appeared; at the same time Beck, the four-year-old furry and seven-year-old Typhoon, concentrated on protecting the women.

It was the elderly woman who was the first to scream that the bees had arrived, but the insects immediately filled the family’s bodies, making them feel as if they would lose their lives.

They just wanted to have a good time as a family

“I couldn’t even get my stuff out of the car and the bees came. I even thought we were going to die here,” said Luana.

The moment turned into a real nightmare, the puppies also suffered the bees’ attack and their humans could not take shelter inside the car because they had also entered there.

Beck ran away terrified trying to get rid of the bees, but the faithful Typhoon stayed by his owners’ side, until he could no longer resist and hid under the car.

A faithful dog is capable of giving his life for the one he loves the most.

The little dog was seriously injured. He had to be rushed to a veterinary center, where he died a few days later, being hailed by everyone as a hero.

“He always had a protective instinct and stayed there, close to us. To me he was a hero,” says the puppy’s owner.

Typhoon earned his wings after the bravest, most heroic act just for love.

According to Luana, the attack lasted about 15 minutes. During that period, he managed to get rid of some insects by exerting force on his body and rolling on the ground. While the Fire Department was called by a woman who was near the scene.

“No one could help us, and I understand the fear. One man even offered me a ride, but I said I couldn’t get in his car like that, because there were still a lot of bees on my body,” Luana said.

From the other side of the rainbow this little dog reminds us that we humans don’t deserve dogs

As for Beck, the dog that managed to escape the attack, he was found on a nearby street when he was trying to enter a building; it was the family members who patrolled the area until they found the furry one so he could be medicated.

Luana and her mother are now out of danger, recovering at home from the bitter experience that took away their best furry friend who will go down in history as one of the bravest and most faithful animals.

Fly high, beautiful and faithful doggy!

It’s amazing how far a dog’s love for his favorite people can go. He now enjoys a beautiful life on the other side of the rainbow. May his brave gesture serve to honor his memory and that of all the furry ones who sacrifice themselves to protect what they love the most.

There is no doubt that animals are so loving and faithful that they deserve to be treated with respect and great care. This hero, until his last breath, proved his infinite loyalty.

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