Captures a stunning wild feline queen strutting like a model in front of her home

Nature never ceases to amaze us. And, a beautiful wild creature in all its splendor has decided to show itself so that the world can not only contemplate it and be enraptured by its beauty, but also learn a little more about this imposing blue planet that surrounds us.

Allison Burton managed to capture a truly idyllic moment. She was bewildered when, while inside her house, she spotted a furry little furball moving in the distance.

Little did she know that her lens would capture a feline in the wild strutting around like a model in the wild.

Her first thought was that it was a puppy, but when she took a closer look, her jaw dropped. It was a truly special and imposing wild feline: a lynx.

“I had never seen one in real life. I was very excited and moved. It was a wonderful creature walking so close to me,” Allison said.

The lynx’s deep, beautiful gaze is something she’ll never forget

These felines are characterized by their pointed ears and particularly long fur on their whiskers.

They are truly majestic and are rarely seen so carefree just a few feet away from humans. Without a second thought, Allison snapped a few photographs for posterity.

“That beautiful fur helps him survive the winter. I hope he’s getting enough food,” commented one netizen.

Looking like a wildcat, bobcats inhabit only the northern hemisphere.

Best of all, the lynx was walking completely calmly down the street and even seemed to be modeling for her. She even looked like a kitten all too aware that she is beautiful and worthy of a photo shoot.

“I can’t believe the beautiful kitten walked by my house like it was the most normal thing in the world,” Allison said.

One of the most endangered species on the planet is the Iberian lynx. It is estimated that there are only 404 Iberian lynxes left.

Other people passing by also stopped to admire the beautiful lynx.

No one had ever been able to see such a feline so closely. She seemed willing to continue on her way slowly so that everyone could appreciate her.

Depending on the species, they have a distinct pattern of spots and stripes with long, dense fur due to the climate to which they have adapted.

Luckily, people did the right thing: they didn’t try to get too close or grab it with their bare hands.

Sometimes, many people go to meet wild animals to try to take a selfie or give them cuddles without taking into account that they may end up harming them, or even seriously exposing their own lives.

“She looked very happy, she seemed to be immersed in her own world. Concentrating on doing her own thing. I love seeing beautiful animals,” Allison said.

A black fur tip crowns her ears, serving the function of enhancing her already extraordinary hearing ability.

After a few minutes, the bobcat continued on her way. She finished her long walkway and disappeared into the wild.

These animals are truly experts when it comes to camouflaging themselves in order to survive in their natural habitat. They are excellent hunters and feed on smaller prey such as birds and rodents.

“How beautiful! Please don’t reveal the location so no one hurts him,” a user asked on the networks, and Allison did so.

Experts noted that this specimen is a Canada lynx or Canada lynx, and its scientific name is “Linx canadensis.”

Allison decided to share the photos on her social networks to make known the beauty of these special animals.

Some netizens were concerned about the feline, as seeing her so close to humans could be a clear sign that she needed help feeding.

Others were touched by her cute little ears and furry paws. If you see any helpless creature that you don’t know how to handle, don’t hesitate to keep your distance and call a wildlife center or specialist.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful lynx? How fortunate to have a record of the wonderful parade of this majestic animal. We applaud that its location was not disclosed, it was the best decision.

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