Distressed pit bull refuses to get out of cardboard box in which he was found abandoned

Suffering rejection from the ones you love the most is not easy for any pet, and that is why a frightened pit bull refused to leave the box of plums in which the Police found him the day he was rescued.

That tiny cardboard box was the only object the little dog had with a scent of his old home, after he got out of there he knew there would be no going back.

The pitbull didn’t understand why no one had come to pick him up from that cold street.

Although they may look like big and somewhat grumpy dogs, like other species, this dog was really a baby in a big body.

Although you could see from a distance how neglected he had been with his former family, his bones were marked on his sides the day officers found him and decided to rescue him.

The frightened little dog was crying, begging the uniformed officers not to hurt him.

The pit bull was left inside a box of plums and when the officers wanted to take him out, he refused.

That was the last tie that bound him to his former family and the boy was not willing to cut it. He had in his heart the hope that they would come back for him.

It was for this reason that the police officers had to move the dog into the same box in order to help him. The pit bull was received in a shelter of the animal protection office.

The whole trip was very strange for him.

At the shelter everyone was touched by the sad look on the dog’s face. It was a pit bull that had suffered neglect and possible mistreatment, but it still seemed to hurt more that he had been abandoned.

The little animal just curled up in the crate with terror shining in his eyes.

But it didn’t take long for the shelter staff’s attentions and displays of love to begin to take effect.

The frightened pit bull began to come out of his cocoon, to the point where he stood up from the plum box in which he had been rescued.

The workers fed him, after giving him a little tour of the place and making him comfortable in the shelter.

The guys knew the pit bull had suffered, but he had every intention of leaving the matter and starting a new life.

That’s why they asked Life Line Animal Projec for help in finding a home for this little friend.

The pitbull deserved to be happy, so his story was shared on social media and fortunately people were quite receptive to the case.

After reviewing a few profiles, the volunteers came across the request for a family they knew would be ideal for this beagle.

A month after being rescued by the officers, the good boy had been adopted.

The pit bull was christened Plum and found not only the love of a human, but a new adventure companion.

Interestingly, the little dog passes perfectly well as his biological brother, even though they are not, as they bear a strong resemblance.

Although shelter workers were initially unsure about the whole thing, after a few encounters they knew the boys would get along wonderfully.

Plum now spends his days running around the yard and enjoying the care of a responsible family.

Thanks to the officers who took the time to bring the pit bull to the shelter and to the workers for cheering him on and encouraging him until he left his crate.

Without a doubt, the story of this little dog reflects how important it is to work together to do good.

Those are the actions that really make a difference and make the world continue to be worthwhile.

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