Dog shakes his head to encourage his injured brother and begs him to hold on a little longer

Loyal is an adjective that falls short of the moment that has starred a puppy to see his brother injured and in serious trouble.

As it happens in every difficult situation, those who are by your side in the most complex moments of life are the ones who are really worth it, and this has been reaffirmed by two mongrels who have given a great lesson of loyalty to the world.

The brave puppy stayed by his little brother’s side during his moments of pain.A short-furred puppy living in a vacant lot with his mother and brother suffered trauma to his legs, severely injuring one of them.

Luckily, a couple of angels from heaven fell on this canine family and decided to act quickly to save them.

They were volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited in India.

When the guys arrived, they found the puppy dejected on some plastic bags, although he was obviously hurt, he got scared and tried to run away when the volunteers tried to help him.

Next to him was his brother who seemed to want to calm him down. The mommy watched from a remote spot, sure that these people would do the right thing.

The loyal brother accompanied the puppy until the moment the volunteers took him away.

The puppy needed medical help and they couldn’t give it to him from that vacant lot, so they took him to the foundation’s shelter. After an hour, the frightened puppy had calmed down and trusted the strangers.

Somehow with their caresses they made him understand that everything would be all right.

After the check-up it was determined that the dog did not have any fractures, but only an open injury that needed to be treated. With the help of a syringe they managed to clean the furry dog’s paw and his little face; to prevent it from getting infected they gave him some antibiotics.

That part of the consultation did not please the little dog, who at first was reluctant to take the medicine.

As the days went by, the puppy gained weight and also a lot of confidence. His recovery was evident, since not only his injuries were treated but also the weight loss he presented when he arrived.

On top of that, he was able to make new friends that he quickly joined. It seems that the furry one had begun to miss his family and the affection of that faithful little brother who accompanied him during his convalescence.

For this reason, the volunteers understood that they could not keep them apart any longer.

Once the puppy completed his treatment and was well recovered, he was taken to the paws of his mommy and brother. The volunteers named him Jimmi and handed him over to his family as a completely healthy furry boy, no more bleeding or pain.

Jimmi’s mommy was thrilled as soon as she saw him, it seems that she had also been waiting for him during those days.

Although the little dog had been out on the streets, after a month of care at the shelter, the volunteers were committed to closely monitor Jimmi and his family.

The neighbors of the neighborhood where these dogs live will provide support with food and care, until the foundation finds a family that wants to adopt them all.

The puppy, his brother and his mommy formed a close-knit group, so the rescuers don’t think it’s fair to separate them. Let’s hope that soon they will find the family that these little ones need so much and that Jimmi and his group will no longer be at risk on the streets.

We are happy to know that this little dog’s life was saved and that now he and his family will have a better chance to move forward. Thanks to the volunteers for their service.


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