Doggy calms down and smiles when they finally indulge his desire to be able to spy on the neighbors

Have you ever thought about how lonely your dog or other pet can feel? Well, Harry’s owners hadn’t thought of this, and the furry dog thanked them with a big smile for a renovation in his house that allowed him to feel very much in company.

They literally opened a window to the world for the little dog, who could finally enjoy what was going on around him and greet the neighbors.

This little dog is a kind of spy in the neighborhood.

His name is Harry, a poodle with a peculiar smile who a few months ago discovered what his true passion was and his humans have decided to support him.

Harry used to spend his days between indoors and sunny afternoons in his backyard. From there he would wander curiously along the fence and bark restlessly when he heard so many strange noises that he couldn’t identify.

The furry one was dying to find out what was outside his yard.

Fortunately for him, an unexpected event opened the window to that unknown world. After a storm, the perimeter fence guarding the yard was destroyed and Alex Mcleish and his father had to replace it.

The puppy’s owners didn’t know what that meant for him, because from the fence with the super close-together timbers, the men now installed a model that left a small opening between each plank.

Curiosity continued to consume Harry.

Those slight gaps interested Harry so much that after that the little dog didn’t want to leave the yard. The poor thing satiated his curiosity, but he also found himself eager to look further into the stretches where the fence hindered his vision.

When my dad rebuilt the fence, there were some gaps [between the pickets] – that’s when I caught Harry peeking through the gaps!” said Alex Mcleish.

For the first time the little dog is hooked on something and it touched the family so much that Alex and his dad came up with something unusual, but very endearing for Harry. It was a personalized window.

“I jokingly suggested it to my dad after I caught Harry spending a good amount of time looking through the holes – I woke up on Sunday morning and my dad was setting it up for him!” said Mcleish.

As soon as Harry stepped out into the yard that day of the remodel, he knew what that hole was for and was also excited and grateful to his family.

The little guy smiled at them with that shy curl of his mouth that Alex loves so much, so the man wasted no time in taking some pictures of the little dog in his new favorite spot.

Everyone was sure that from that moment on, no one would take Harry off the fence.

The little dog can spend hours glued to his window without getting tired, the best part is that the whole thing is quite safe for him.

“Harry knew it was for him! He watched my dad when he was doing it like he was waiting for him to finish. He sits there for hours and only comes in when we call him.” Mcleish said.

Although Harry wouldn’t have complained about the fence without the window, these people love him so much that they wanted to make his spy work easier and also make him happy. Now the poodle won’t feel so lonely at home when his daddies are busy.

“It definitely makes us smile to see him amused watching the world go by,” Mcleish said.

Although it looks a little curious and even funny, the Mcleish’s fence has a small hole at Harry’s eye level. The little dog now has his own little window made to his size and nothing will stop him from indulging his penchant for spying on the neighbors.

The puppy’s new hobby is watching and his family’s new hobby is watching him smile every time he discovers a new friend or something funny from the outside world.


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