Final finishing steps: KC-390 transport aircraft will be active soon, brother to CH-47 Chinook

Embraer has started assembling the semi-wings on the fuselage of the first of two KC-390 Millennium transport aircraft for the Hungarian Defence Forces.

The integration comes after Embraer painted the wings in the colors of the Hungarian air force.

After the assembly is completed, the first KC-390 will take its maiden test flight in 2023, after which it be delivered to the Hungarian Defence Forces by 2024.

Productions for the second KC-390 will begin in December 2022, with the plane expected to be delivered by the end of 2024.

“We regularly follow the assembly of our first KC-390, and the production of the aircraft is significantly ahead of what was stipulated in the contract compared to the original plans, progressing better than planned,” Hungarian Air Force Systems Development Head Col. László Nagy said.

“We have also established a good relationship with the Brazilian Air Force, which gives us an opportunity for consultations that can be used extremely effectively by our teams in Hungary.”

Hungarian KC-390 MillenniumsEmbraer and Hungary signed their contract for two KC-390s in 2020.

The aircraft will be utilized for various military and civilian missions, including cargo and troops logistics, paratroopers operations, precision cargo airdrop, medical evacuation, and air-to-air refueling.

Hungary’s future KC-390 will be the world’s first to comprise an intensive care unit configuration, according to Embraer.

The jet will be fully NATO-compatible in hardware, avionics, and communication.

KC-390’s probe and drogue refueling system will enable it to replenish Hungary’s existing Saab JAS 39 Gripen and other units that utilize the same system.

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