Heroic workers team up to save a dog trapped in an irrigation canal from drowning

The astonishing quick reaction of these amazing people saved the life of one puppy. This event took place in Ecuador, more precisely Pasaje Canton. During the works, the workers noticed an unfortunate dog that almost lost its life. The little dog fell into the big canal, but fortunately these brave people were there to help him. The whole action of helping the dog was recorded and then published on the internet. It is clear why so many people watched this event so quickly.

Colleagues of these workers were the first to notice that the dog had fallen into the canal, so they informed the others. They communicated over the radio, and so they learned that the dog would soon be near them. Hardworking workers did not waste a moment, but immediately went to the rescue. They really wanted to save this little dog. Abel Murillo is one of those involved in rescuing the dog. He was in the bucket of an excavator, and another worker was driving it. In this way, they managed to reach the dog, which they eventually saved.

In those moments, everyone knows that the dog is very scared because of everything that is happening. That’s why Abel got a small bite from the dog when he caught it. Aware of the whole situation, Abel continued to rescue. Colleagues of this worker picked them up then after which they were safe.

Due to the speed of the water, the dog crashed into the bucket of the excavator, Murillo said. Then the unfortunate dog tried to move on, but then he caught it. That was the moment he got a tiny bite.

Everyone is very grateful to these wonderful people for their rescue operation. The dog, who almost lost his life, now has a new opportunity. But still, that’s not all. After they pulled her out of the canal and took her to safety, they decided to take care of her to the end. They did it by collecting all the necessary money and taking her for treatment. She got a whole new life.

The workers are very happy with their action and the whole outcome. They are very glad that they managed to raise money and take the dog for treatment. However, as they say, the dog before was not in very good health.

This whole amazing rescue operation was filmed and posted online. The video received many views, but also happy and grateful reactions from people.

Watch the video:

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