His dog anxiously informs him that another tethered and fearful dog requires assistance

Any dog is the most loving and caring being in existence. It’s no wonder that many of these four-legged angels, when they see other furry companions in distress, even if they don’t even know them, will do anything to save their lives.

That’s why we can safely say that we really don’t deserve dogs!

For that very reason, animal abandonment is perhaps one of the most evil and cowardly acts. But despite the enormous efforts of activists and animal activists to punish them with the harshness of the law, sadly we continue to witness how much these little souls suffer.

One day they had a family, and today they wander adrift in loneliness and helplessness.

This was the sad episode witnessed by a hunter from Luçon, in Vendée, France, when he was on his way back with his three dogs, as he does every Sunday, through a wooded area.

Suddenly, one of his furry dogs behaved completely out of the ordinary.

His incredible dog wanted to warn him of something of life and death.

In this regard, the man related:

“I came back from hunting on a road I don’t often take. When my dog barked in a very unusual way, and really desperate, I knew I had to stop immediately.”

The wily hound clearly knew that another canine companion was in trouble

“When he does that, there’s something,” said the hunter.

And truly, the clever little dog was not wrong. A little further on, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the forest, was a poor dog, tied to a tree with an iron chain.

His eyes were begging for mercy

“He was thin, he had a bowl but it was empty, and he was afraid of Isia, Isis and Flipper, my three dogs. He was shaking, you could tell he was scared. But he didn’t move, he was very nice, not aggressive,” said Fréderic, the hunter.

The poor dog had been tied to the tree for several days, and was very scared, so offering him help was not an easy task.

The hunter realized that the fact that he wouldn’t even let himself be touched meant that he had been the victim of repeated mistreatment at the hands of his previous owners.

His devastating look spoke volumes about how hard life had been on him.

Poor little guy! Our hearts cringe just thinking about what he had to suffer in the past and what he lived all those days tied up, without food, without water, as if he were a criminal.

His little eyes revealed that he had already forgiven, but his fear was much stronger.

It was then that the man, not knowing how else to help him – because it was impossible to get close – went to the City Hall.

Specialized personnel went to the forest and took the animal to the municipal kennel, where euthanasia would surely await him. But fortunately, everything changed when volunteers from the animal organization SPA came to his rescue.

“But the person who did that, he doesn’t like animals,” Frédéric lamented. “We don’t do that to a dog, it just doesn’t happen.”

The dog is now at the SPA facility, where he is being fed, to regain his weight and hydrate.

Unfortunately, his rescuer was unable to take care of the puppy, as he already had three. But we hope that with luck, he will get a home where he will be truly loved, and that they will take care of erasing with dedication and patience, all his fears of the past.

It is time to remind the world of the serious responsibility of pet ownership.

It is much more than just including them in the Christmas photo, or telling friends that we have a dog. It is a special bond that is created when we look into his eyes and promise him that everything will change by our side, that he will never return to the streets, and above all that we will never break his little heart.

The sad case of this little dog that had the bad luck of having the worst owners should stir consciences, let’s not forget that they feel, and remember EVERYTHING.


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