Homeless dog waits for people to come and help her because she can’t even stand up

An abandoned puppy that didn’t even have the strength to get up was waiting for someone to approach him to offer him the help he so desperately needed.

The animal, a mix of beagle and hound, was sitting on the street, unable to move. A Good Samaritan passing by the area saw him and could not look away from his suffering, he knew that the dog needed to be attended to or a fatal outcome awaited him.

When he approached the dog, he noticed that both her back legs were swollen and bent, and one of her front legs was also in bad condition.

Unfortunately, the place where the dog was homeless is an area where it has become common to see abandoned animals. Many people have come to the construction site to leave their pets to fend for themselves.

Apparently, the puppy had been at the site for two days or more, and the noble man who found her did not hesitate to ask the Stray Rescue of St. Louis animal shelter for help in rescuing her and getting her medical attention.

While the animal shelter staff was on the scene, the man helped the dog by using what he had with him, taking off his coat and putting it on as a blanket to protect her from the cold.

The dog felt comforted, finally after so long someone took pity on her suffering. The poor thing could not walk on its own to look for help, in case no one became sensitive it would simply be there in deplorable conditions, suffering without finding any kind of relief.

Her legs were broken, she was transferred in a vehicle and kept calm. They lovingly carried her in their arms, being very gentle so as not to cause her pain due to the injuries she had on her paws, she could not move.

Although she had known the worst side of humanity, she trusted the people who rescued her, she felt that they genuinely cared about her pain.

After being evaluated at a veterinary clinic, they learned that the dog had multiple fractures in two of her legs.

Despite her injuries, the dog had a great will to live.

The damage she had suffered was very serious and she needed to undergo a surgical procedure to recover from her injuries.

Those who rescued her created a fundraising campaign to raise the money needed to pay for her treatment because they did not have enough resources. Medical expenses amounted to $7,000 at that time.

They named the dog Polar Express, the poor thing had a long way to go until she recovered. But most importantly, she is well cared for by veterinarians willing to do whatever they can to ensure her health, and also by loving rescuers who offer her comfort and protection.

There is no justification whatsoever for leaving a dog abandoned as they did with Polar, the poor thing was left to her fate in a place where other pets are also left as if it were a bag of garbage.

It will never be enough the effort we make to raise our voices for the defense of animal rights and to raise awareness about the importance of assuming the commitment to protect them until their last day.

Adopting a pet is not a light decision, it is a great responsibility. Dogs are innocent, vulnerable and dependent beings. They give us their loyalty and unconditional love and deserve that we reciprocate, it is painful to know so many cases of animals that receive unfair treatment.

Polar is recovering and we are comforted to know that she was rescued just in time. We hope that all homeless animals have the same outcome, that they are rescued and brought to safety. But above all, may there never be another similar case.

We admire the work of those who rescued Polar and changed her fate, we need more heroes like this in the world.

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