Kitten cries every night in front of her deceased owner’s photo, wishes she could hug her

A kitten devastated after the death of his owner had the most touching reaction when he saw a photo of her. His gesture began to be repeated every night, leaving his family grief-stricken.

The undoubted loyalty of dogs to their owners has long been talked about. Even when their owners are neglectful or abusive, the furry ones seem to be always grateful for the crumbs of attention they are given and are willing to do anything for them.

But it turns out that it’s not just dogs that have such a loyal spirit, in Thailand there is a kitten whose loyalty has everyone in the interwebs rejoicing.

The kitten cries every night in front of the photo of his deceased owner.

Through Facebook, the user Rong Servic revealed what has been happening a few weeks ago in his house and involving his beloved orange kitten. It turns out that this man lost his wife recently and not only he bears the pain, but the poor kitty as well.

The family pet was used to the Asian woman taking him to bed every night and accompanying him before he fell asleep in the arms of Morpheus.

This tender ritual is exactly what mothers do with their children, so it’s no wonder that the cat deeply notices the absence of his beloved human.

The furry boy has literally been orphaned and his heart can’t take so much pain.

For Rong it is clear that the little animal feels perfectly the departure and even more, that he misses her and knows that she will not return. That is why he has developed an amazing mania, which has broken his heart and the hearts of all those who know the story.

Every night, this orange kitten approaches the room where a photograph of his deceased owner rests.

It seems that now it is the feline who goes to say goodnight to the deceased woman, as if he knows that their union and love goes beyond death. And that from the afterlife, she will know how much he still loves her.

The scene does not fail to be touching for everyone.

Shocked and heartbroken, Rong decided to take pictures of her one of the many nights when his orange cat remains sad in front of the portrait and shared them on Facebook.

“My cat loves to look at his mother’s pictures, he spends several hours a day in front of the photograph,” he wrote on his wall.

A tragic episode in his life made it clear to the owner what the feline’s heart is made of.

The feline’s mother passed away due to a congenital disease and he is not the only one who is struck by the absence, the man has also not overcome the departure and takes refuge in his pet.

“It’s okay son, you can still live your other two lives with me and everything will be fine. Someday you will meet and you will be together forever,” the user wrote.

The mother of this kitten will not be able to return and for sure the loyal pet will repeat every night the visit to the portrait, hoping to one day receive the cuddles that the woman used to give him.

Can there be any other example of unconditional love as palpable and forceful? Felines are also man’s best friend, and any creature whose humans know how to win his heart.

Although the images are truly heartbreaking, they speak of the deep love and devotion with which the deceased treated her kitty. It is something to be praised and imitated.

The love and faithfulness that kittens also have for their owners is something wonderful. We hope this kitty will soon find the comfort he needs.


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