Osito’s owner passed away thinking her family would take care of him, he was sick and they abandoned him

Osito was the most sociable, sweetest and best behaved dog in the world. Any loving family would have given anything to keep such a pet at home.

But life can sometimes be most unfair to the very beings of light they love the most.

That’s the sad story of this little dog, who not only had to suffer the hardest loss after his beloved owner passed away, but also his family turned their backs on him when he needed them the most.

Osito’s former owner died trusting that her family would never stop taking care of him.

But how wrong the poor woman was! She could not have imagined that after her death, her family would betray her in the worst way and treat the helpless dog so indolently, even though he was sickly.

From being a very spoiled little dog, and taking his nap in his little warm bed, while his owner scratched his tummy, he went from being left for hours in the open without anyone caring for his well-being.

Not surprisingly, after so much neglect and neglect, Osito became seriously ill when he grew an abscess that required urgent attention.

Osito’s former owner loved him with all her strength.

Amid tears and choked howls, Osito got used to carrying his mourning inside, suffering unspeakably for not having his owner with him anymore.

He soon understood that she would never return and that despite having a home, he and his soul were alone in the world.

Little time passed before he was finally abandoned completely, and ended up wandering the streets, exposing him to serious dangers and diseases. To make matters worse, as he was a house dog he didn’t know how to defend himself in life, so he ended up severely attacked by other dogs.

Osito was beginning to feel defeated and his hopes of finding the attention he needed and getting a better life were beginning to fade away.

It was truly sad that a model dog was destined to die sick and unloved.

Until, as if by a miracle, the angels of the Amigos Animalistas A.C. Foundation, from Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico, appeared in his path at just the right moment, to give him the second chance he had long deserved.

They immediately took him to a veterinary clinic, where they were given a somewhat discouraging prognosis. In addition to the ball growing in his leg, he had very low platelets, tested positive for hemoparasites and was suffering from rampant anemia. But luckily, he received immediate medical attention.

The poor little guy had to stay in the clinic for several days while his very sick body responded to the medication. He had to have surgery to remove the abscess, and then he was sterilized.

Fortunately, he was such a good boy, he let them do whatever it took, and always with a big smile for his heroes.

In a touching publication, the Foundation told his sad story, in Osito’s voice, which touches anyone.

Due to the fact that the expenses for all the medications and surgery of the puppy only went up more and more, they asked for help from the community to cover the costs. To do so, they provided the following information:

But the most important plea of all was to get him a perfect home, according to the huge heart of this cute little dog. Thanks to the selflessness of his heroes, Osito was soon ready to be adopted, and the miracle was not long in coming.

This is how Osito himself told on the foundation’s networks, how his life changed forever with the Duarte family, who happily adopted him:

“A family adopted me and now I live happily in a very big ranch and I have 3 doggy sisters with whom I spend my time playing.”

We are very sad that his owner’s family did not respect his last wishes and were so cruel to the little dog who only showed love. But we are glad that he now enjoys the perfect family he deserved so much.


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