Paralyzed puppy crawling in the middle of road begs woman for help

A vulnerable, paralyzed puppy was completely thrilled when he finally saw his would-be heroine, as he crawled along the road looking for some help.

The little dog was in desperate need of help. So knowing it would be his only chance to be saved, he didn’t hesitate to do something to attract attention.

He turned around as best he could to keep crawling and be noticed. Luckily, that woman was a real angel. He noticed that he could barely move and that his paws were bleeding, so he acted immediately.

The paralyzed puppy crawled as best it could, begging to be saved.

The angel who saw him and saved him is Elena Okyaltirak, a Russian woman who works as a rescuer with the animal rescue organization Animal Shelters.

She quickly took the puppy for a check-up with the vet. And what she discovered shattered everyone’s heart at the shelter.

The helpless puppy had a large hernia in his spine and a spinal cord cyst.

The vet bandaged his hind legs and took him for x-rays. They provided him with all the care and love to make him trust his rescuers.

However, the little dog was quite shy and teary-eyed all the time.

The good news was that despite his huge hernia, his spine remained intact. Anyway, they proceeded to do in-depth studies because they wanted to know what was causing such paralysis.

They called him Venya

Little by little, he recovered the brightness in his eyes. And suddenly the sweetest creature with the most charming honey eyes in the world emerged.

The vet later confirmed that he definitely had no feeling in his hind legs. And the saddest thing of all is that it is an irreversible condition. He will be able to improve his quality of life if he receives therapies and love, but he will never be able to walk and be a normal little dog.

Elena was really devastated with the prognosis, and very saddened to know that when he needed his family the most, he was abandoned. Or worse, that they probably hurt him and then discarded him.

“Seeing him in that condition, I didn’t even know what to say to him,” Elena said.

So she promised him they would do everything to help him. They would never give up, as Venya needed a better life no matter what.

It was then time to take him home to offer him a temporary home. There, he received all the medications he needed, his rescuer’s sleepless nights and a good dose of love.

He had the funniest reaction when he was introduced to the other family members. And a friend of Elena’s decided to play tricks for him. She clearly didn’t like them, basically because she didn’t understand how he managed it. And she would look at her temporary mother, as if asking, “But how did he do it!”.

Little by little he was showing his bright and funny personality.

One day they decided to surprise him with a small wheelchair. But he was very fearful. Venya had already gotten used to crawling on his 2 little legs and it seemed difficult to convince him that he could run in his new little chair.

He began to meet other rescued animals, and developed an indestructible bond with a cat who gave him his daily dose of massages.

After several months visiting the vet, and following a strict plan of therapies, and care, Venya was ready to be adopted.

Elena struggled to get him his ideal family and finally a loving woman adopted him. Elena said goodbye with a broken heart, welcoming him to his new life, but at the same time happy to have been there to save him along the way, and to contribute a grain of sand in his recovery.

Since the scenes of the rescue were spread on the networks, the comments do not stop:

“There are more and more paralyzed little angels, many people abandon them with this problem when they need it most… How would you like it if your children did the same? This world is corrupt,” said one user.

God bless the rescuers and the kind lady who adopted this sweet boy. He deserves to rewrite his story completely.

Watch Venya’s heartwarming rescue in this video:

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