Petunia the Kitten goes around about saying “Thank you” to those who have changed her life

Petunia the kitten goes around the house giving everyone affection and “thanks” them for changing her life.

Petunia the kitten was brought into Little Wanderers NYC for a chance at a better life. At just a few weeks old, she was faced with a daunting challenge and had to be separated from her mother and siblings.

She was given a grim diagnosis of panleukopenia (or feline distemper), which has a 10% survival rate for kittens her age. Petunia was placed in intensive care with round-the-clock support by dedicated volunteers.

Against all odds, Petunia began to make strides each day. Despite being so little, she displayed incredible tenacity and a mighty will to live.

“This girl, at just a few weeks old, entered a fight for her life and she fought so well. She lives to tell the tale,” Little Wanderers NYC shared.

Petunia had always been a social, outgoing cat. Being isolated for treatment was quite lonesome for her. She would cry nonstop in her enclosure until she got the attention she wanted.

Whenever she saw her carer come into the room, she ran briskly to them, rubbing her face into their gloved hands, as if she was starved of love.

As her healing continued to progress, the rescue began looking for a foster family that could provide one-on-one attention that the kitten craved.

She needed a companion to ride out this journey with her, and Mashaal from the rescue stepped up and opened her home to the little girl.

As soon as Petunia walked out of her carrier and into her new place, she made it her mission to never be alone again.

Petunia quickly established herself as the perpetual supervisor, extreme clinger of the house. She would follow her people around like their little shadow.

Whenever they sit down on the couch, Petunia comes running and settles onto their lap. Whenever they lie down for a nap, she nestles in and falls asleep right next to them.

Petunia has gained a voracious appetite paired with unbridled energy, which she uses in all her zoomies.

“She is a firecracker, loves running up and down the stairs from room to room. She loves other cats and always wants to play,” the rescue shared.

“She adores her foster family and when she tires of playtime, she approaches them for cuddles. She even answers to her nickname, Toony.”

Nothing makes Petunia happier than being in the arms of her people.

After surviving the illness and beating loneliness, Petunia is thriving as a social butterfly and the ultimate cuddle-bug.

She turns into instant mush while blasting that loud purr motor.

Petunia goes around the house showering everyone with snuggles. All she wants to do is spend time with her people and soak up all the love.

“We are so happy we got to save Petunia, and we are looking forward to seeing her thrive in her forever home.”

The tiny kitten has blossomed into a healthy, playful panther kitty cat with so much to give.

Share this story with your friends. Petunia the kitten is looking for her forever home.

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