Pit Bull was terrified and wouldn’t leave the corner of the shelter until she heard a voice and moved forward

Lauren knew that they were a match made in heaven and told the rescue group she wanted to make the adoption official.

Animal shelters aren’t ideal places for dogs to stay long term. While we are grateful that these dogs have a roof over their heads and food to eat, a shelter environment can be extremely stressful. It is loud, with incessant barking. The kennels are usually barebones. For a dog that has come from a home, a shelter can be a scary place.

A sweet Pit Bull, named Carson, found himself on his own in a shelter. His family surrendered him after they decided they’ve had enough of him. He did have some allergies which led to skin issues, but he was a good dog. The shelter environment was, understandably, too much for him. He laid in a corner and shook uncontrollably. He didn’t even take a break to rest. He shook so hard that it broke everyone’s hearts.

A rescue group, named Philly Bully Team, heard about Carson, and a volunteer, named Lauren, decided to sign him out of the shelter and bring him home. She knew a dog like Carson needed to feel safe and never would in a shelter.

Carson immediately thanked his rescuer by never leaving her side. Where Lauren went, so did Carson. They were a perfect match. Lauren understood that this pup needed comfort around the clock and that is what she gave him.

Lauren also knew that they were a match made in heaven and told the rescue group she wanted to make the adoption official. They agreed! Carson is so grateful to be with Lauren that he doesn’t let her go anywhere without being on top of her. It’s very endearing except when she needs to get things done. Like working from home! A 60-pound dog on your lap tends to get in the way. But Lauren is such a good sport!

Besides snuggling, Carson’s favorite thing to do is go for walks and seek out the best sticks. He loves to walk around with a stick in his mouth. As Lauren says, “his whole body wags.” To see a dog go from shaking and scared, to a happy boy, is so heartwarming.

When Carson comes home from his walks, he jumps on the couch and gives the best tail wags. All you can hear is the slapping of his happy tail. His mom, Lauren, says in the video below, that “his mission in life is to cuddle on the couch with me.” Sounds like Carson has his priorities set

Each time a dog is saved from a shelter and adopted is a victory. So many people are overwhelmed by the statistics but we promise you that each precious life matters. That is why stories like Carson’s are so important to share. Too many people seek out puppies from breeders while perfectly deserving animals wait for homes. It’s not okay! Let’s share stories like Carson’s because adoption is the only way to go! See Carson’s new happy life in the video by The Dodo below!

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