Puppy abandoned and tied to a post, paws at his angel for help

We can never understand acts of animal abandonment. Even less so when the victim is the sweetest little dog anyone can imagine.

This is the sad story of an innocent pit bull who had to suffer abandonment in the worst possible way when he was left tied to a post under the harsh sun in Florida, USA.

The malnourished and dehydrated puppy was just waiting for a miracle when suddenly his angel knelt down by his side.

Fortunately, the unfortunate case of abandonment reached the ears of the police. So they went immediately, as they knew that in a matter of minutes he could suffer from heat stroke due to the high temperatures.

Officer Angela Laurella was totally devastated to find an exhausted and defeated puppy, almost in the bones and with sunken eyes.

But nothing could prepare her for what would forever touch her heart, seconds later….

She carefully knelt down next to the fainting puppy, and immediately the creature seemed to understand that this was her angel sent to her after so much begging for help.

Without hesitation, the little furry one simply trusted and stretched out his paw to Angela as if begging her not to leave him there alone.

The officer could not believe that this had been done to such a special little dog that exuded nothing but love. She petted him right away, and he sank his little face down, really pleased and relieved that they had finally come to save him.

The 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida Foundation heard about the dog’s plight and were on the scene to take him to the vet and give him the urgent care he needed. They named him Liam.

“She just walked over to him very slowly and held out her hand, and he shrank back and gave her his paw, as if to say, ‘Please help me get me out of here,'” said amy roman, president of the foundation.

“He was tied to a pole on a very short leash. He was absolutely emaciated, dehydrated, with every bone and rib sticking out,” Amy added.

The vet revealed that Liam was just 4 months old and was in too advanced a state of malnutrition. He was so dehydrated that his eyes were sunken in and he couldn’t even open them to show his gratitude.

The rescuers fell in love with both his sad past and his sweet personality, and decided to do everything they could to give him the second chance he deserved.

After several weeks of intense treatment and loving care, he was ready to be moved to a foster home, although he still had a long way to go.

Luckily, Amy Roman herself decided to volunteer to be his foster mom and make sure his recovery was successful.

“He is getting so much love all day long. He’s being fed every hour on the hour so his body can get used to it… We have volunteers who are cooking batches of boiled chicken and rice, so he’s loving life now,” said the rescuer.

Amy stresses that what has touched her most has been Liam’s extreme bravery and cooperation in facilitating all of his treatments. It’s as if he understands that by behaving this way, he helps his heroes make everything easier.

“He loves everyone, and there’s not a bad bone in this dog’s body. To me, that says it all, because after all he’s endured, he’s still very grateful and forgiving,” Amy said totally appreciative.

The most touching thing is to see the loving bond that has been created between Liam and Amy, they really love each other madly.

Fortunately, months later, the foundation celebrated the happy moment they were all waiting for. Liam got his perfect forever home, leaving his sad past behind.

And of course, he had the most touching goodbye with his rescuer, leaving everyone in tears.

If only all the stories of abandoned dogs had endings like this. Bravo, Liam, enjoy your new life, you deserve only the best!

This was the sad moment when Liam stretched out his paw begging for help:

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