Puppy abandoned in a bank refuses to leave and workers intervene

For a little dog, abandonment was the most devastating thing, as it is for thousands of strays in the same situation who have to find a safe shelter by themselves, however they can.

Like her, many turn to the most unsuspected places to at least be able to shelter a little from the cold and the inclement rain. And waiting for some compassionate soul to throw them some crumbs to fill their empty tummies.

A poor little dog in desperation took refuge in a bank ATM in Bolivia.

After she was abandoned, sad and hungry, she went to that corner and chose it as her only home. Since then, no one could move her from there.

It was the Y SOS CAN Tarija foundation, a non-profit animal welfare organization, who told the emotional story of Flaquita, as they called the dog, on their Facebook page.

They said that Flaquita was abandoned by her previous owners in that ATM. Many thought that the little dog would not be looked upon favorably, as it is common for customers to complain and for the managers of such institutions to want nothing to do with “stray” dogs, as it could be detrimental to the image of the place.

But Banco BNB (Banco Nacional de Bolivia) has decided to teach the world a lesson, and the initiative of its workers, who reacted in the most sensitive way towards the little street dog, restores our faith in humanity.

“We want to congratulate and applaud the beautiful initiative of Banco BNB for the great heart and the enormous sensitivity towards this little furry girl who is in a street situation. It is very admirable the love and respect that the employees of this bank have for these vulnerable beings who are in a situation of abandonment”, says part of the publication of the foundation.

The really beautiful thing came later, when not only they did not reject her, but also, by order of the Management, they sent her to build a little house where she could be protected from the inclement weather, especially during the freezing days that plague the country.

In the past, Flaquita used to lie down and huddle on cardboard and sheets.

But now she has her own little roof inside the bank, the shelter she chose when her owners decided they no longer wanted her in their lives.

According to the foundation, Flaquita also has a kind woman, Raquel Guarachi, who has been her caretaker until now. She feeds her, gives her lots of love and periodically cleans her little corner.

Luckily, Flaquita’s story has become so popular that dozens of people come to the bank just to say hello and be nice to her.

The sympathetic customers have no problem sharing with her while they wait in line for the teller, and we are sure that if they have had a gray day, they come back happy to have met this furry little girl.

“We hope they serve as an example to other institutions, lacking sensitivity where they are not even allowed to feed these poor creatures that, due to their condition of being in the street, suffer without having a place to shelter them and wander from one place to another in deplorable conditions, we must take into account that if these animals are in a street situation it is because of irresponsible people who do not have their pets sterilized”, concludes the foundation.

To come across such moving and humane stories is truly heartwarming. Those responsible for the foundation leave open the possibility that someone may open their heart to adoption and give a beautiful and warm home to this beautiful Flaquita. Good luck, little one!


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