Puppy cries in alley and tries to jump into backyard after being evicted by family

A little dog was seen furiously scratching the blocks of his old house, after his family decided to evict him.

This scene shocked an unknown passerby who could not help but be moved by the desperation of the mongrel who begged for only one thing: to be that beloved pet again.

Ben is a puppy victim of human selfishness

The desperate face of this furry dog hides the suffering of many like him. Ben was the pet of a family that decided to move without taking him to his new home.

The poor little dog was left wandering the streets of the neighborhood and when he found his way to his old home, no one came out to greet him.

His former owners had moved away and left him abandoned.

The animal wandered the streets for days, surviving on the crumbs that some people offered him or hunting for scraps of food in garbage cans.

But in addition to looking for his daily bread, the little dog came daily to the back of his old house with a mission.

The boy would try to jump over the brick wall overlooking the yard.

That routine was draining the hound’s energy and a neighbor who witnessed the scene decided to bring the case to the attention of a group of protectionists.

They were the angels of Hope for Paws, who began a days-long hunt to try to catch him.

Ben was very scared and confused, so when the rescuers arrived the dog decided to run away.

The animal did not want to be taken away from his home, he was unable to understand that no one lived inside those walls.

But the boys did not give up and the day after that first attempt, they decided to come back with a better strategy.

The volunteers closed the streets to prevent the little dog from escaping, Ben is a very fast hound and he proved it from the very first moment.

But that afternoon they didn’t manage to get the puppy off the streets either.

Ben didn’t understand that they only wanted to help him and he ran away scared. It took a third attempt with higher fences and more personnel to complete the mission.

With the fence covering the street from end to end, by the time the puppy appeared they were able to surround him.

It was a tense moment for Ben but no doubt the episode would be worth it.

Once he calmed down, the rescuers were able to go in and make physical contact with the animal to gain his trust. Once he calmed down, they moved him to the foundation’s shelter and he underwent a check-up.

At that point the dog understood that all those days they had only wanted to help him and the docile and loving canine that Ben was came to light.

So docile and loving that he was reluctant to leave his family, but they had already done so without his knowledge.

In the hands of this boy the faithful Ben will be safe, from the shelter they are looking for a new responsible and loving owner.

The little dog has already suffered from neglect and has also known the needs of the street, so no one wants him to go through such an experience again.

The loyal furry deserves a family; in fact, all dogs should have someone honest to look after them.

It is unfair that after dedicating their best years to them, the dog’s former owners decided to abandon him and go far away so that he would never find them again.

Watch below the moment of his rescue:

Thanks to the neighbor who reported the case and the shelter workers, Ben has a new chance. But how many other dogs suffer similar situations without someone helping them?

Please, let’s learn that having a pet is not a seasonal situation, but a lifelong commitment.

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