Puppy discarded for missing 2 paws will walk straight to your heart in orthopedic boots

A rescued puppy who faced a rough start in life can now run happily in his new orthopedic boots and is ready to start writing a kinder story of resilience.

His name is Cupid, a 6-month-old furry puppy who is ready to run right into your heart and completely charm it with his sweet gaze.

The puppy was found last February in terrible condition.

The reporting person reported an animal that had been left to fend for itself in a dumpster in Toronto, Canada.

The creature had been sentenced to perish under the freezing weather of those dates and as if that was not enough, it had been left inside a plastic bag.

A heartless and unjustified act that was stopped by the volunteers of The Dog Rescuers, Inc. a non-profit group based in Oakville, Ontario.

They are now the ones watching over the puppy and named him Cupid.

It turned out that the dog was one of those unlikely cases of nature and was born without his limbs; apparently, that had been the cause of the vile abandonment to which he was exposed. Whoever abandoned him was not able to put his hand on his heart.

The puppy in question is a Great Pyrenean crossbreed and apparently the condition of his paws was due to a genetic issue and not abuse.

This was clarified by the vet who checked him as soon as Cupido was rescued.

Since the case of the puppy was made public, many users on social networks began to follow his trail and soon Cupido became the darling of many.

The rejection he suffered when he was only 7 weeks old, led him to generate a wave of generosity that has now borne fruit.

It turns out that, after a few weeks of campaigning, a light of hope was lit on the puppy’s path and he is now ready to walk.

Thanks to the spread of the case, a Toronto-based company, Pawsability, decided to donate a pair of custom-designed prosthetic forelimbs.

As the puppy had never experienced walking with his forelimbs before, he must now adapt to his new toys. To help him, a pair of small skis have been fitted to facilitate training.

The puppy has a lot to learn and therefore, before adapting to walking on all fours, he will have these skis that will also help him to strengthen his thighs.

Besides, no one will stop the Canadian puppy during the snowy days.

Around this little guy there is a whole team that is watching his training and progress, and they want to see him soon be able to defend himself on his own. The good thing is that, according to comments on the shelter’s Facebook page, Cupid is doing better every day.

No one doubted the moment when the puppy would run into the arms of his new family and after several requests that moment arrived.

Given the progress Cupido made, the shelter determined that he should write a new story in the arms of his forever family. The lucky lady was a female named Linda.

“Cupid now known as ‘Q’ has a great life between his canine siblings, summers swimming in the lake and his loving parents, especially his mom and best friend Linda, who not only wears her ‘heart on her sleeve’ but has Q tattooed on her. Arm,” the shelter reported.

The days of suffering are behind him and now he has a real home. Thanks to all the people who came together to transform his life and give him a second chance.

Although his name has been changed, Q will always be Cupido because his story stole our hearts.

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