Puppy lays on the grave of her deceased best friend to say goodbye

A little dog said goodbye to her best friend in a very special way, her family will never forget the moment when she showed him the love she felt that went beyond life.

Gasper, a little dog loved by all has hung his wings a few weeks ago and his family is touched. His humans have decided to pay tribute to him, but the gesture made by his adventure companion is unparalleled.

It is Kaya, a puppy with whom from heaven this little dog contemplated the emotional act of love he had to give her a tribute in his last goodbye. Gasper established a tender friendship in a very short time.

Until his last breath, this little dog received all the love he had sown on earth.

“Thank you for all the moments we spent together… You will always be with us,” wrote Marcelo Rodriguez, Gaspar’s owner, in the dedication to his dog posted on Instagram.

The little dog died due to kidney failure that completely affected his health.

Gaspar took his last breath at the beginning of April, surrounded by the warm company of Marcelo and his mother, as well as Kaya.

The furry dog was accompanied at all times and during those last months of his life he strengthened his bonds with Kaya.

The dog did not live with Gasper and the boy, but was Marcelo’s mother’s pet.

The man used to visit his mother and took the dog with him. When he saw that the two dogs got along wonderfully, he decided to take the hound, who had little time left to live, more often.

Marcelo did his best to make those last months happy and calm for the dog.

The day Gasper left, the Rodriguez’s gave the puppy a chance to say goodbye. After that, Marcelo decided to bury the body in the backyard of the house.

What the man never imagined was that Kaya would settle down to rest on the newly made mound of earth.

The little dog did not want to say goodbye to her good friend, Gasper.

The puppy may be gone, but he lives on in Kaya’s mind and heart. The puppy settled over the grave from the very first moment and it seems no one can force her to retire.

“That’s when she spent the whole morning on top of her grave,” Rodriguez said.

The puppy’s departure broke Kaya’s heart and now she doesn’t plan to move from the spot. Apparently the canine returns every day to the grave to accompany her good friend.

We don’t know if after a few months the matter can be forgotten but, as far as these days are concerned, Kaya continues to mourn Gaspar’s departure and pay tribute to him with her company.

Those are true friendships.

After all that has happened, Marcelo decided to share the experience on his social networks and the gesture quickly went viral.

Although some people believe that animals are beings without feelings, they are very wrong. Like the Rodriguez’s, other users reported similar gestures from their pets.

They not only feel, but sometimes have better values and behaviors than humans.

This family still misses Gaspar, especially Marcelo. The man knows that he was a unique little dog, but now he keeps all the good moments they spent together during the last years.

The man does not know if he will be able to have a new pet, for the time being he does not plan to replace Gasper, but he enjoys the strength that the loyal Kaya transmits to him.

Undoubtedly, the little dog left an indelible mark on this family, but the puppy has also given them a great lesson, not only to Marcelo but to the whole world. That’s why the man shared a very heartfelt message: “Animals are superior beings that we will never understand and that we don’t deserve,” wrote Rodríguez.

Let’s learn to value those incomparable beings that give us their company and love without any interest, they are a true treasure on earth, let’s love them!


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