Puppy rejected for being born with only one leg survives and learns to walk to help others

Halo is a very kind and special dog that has had to face very difficult trials in life, but now she shines like the sun and is ready to help anyone who needs her.

The furry dog is a white Pyrenean who was born without her front legs; a situation that aroused the rejection of her owners and meant a great test for her.

The dog was discarded by her family in a shoe box.

When she was just a baby, heartless people who called themselves her family decided to leave the dog to her fate in a cold and lonely street.

Her front legs did not develop and one of her front legs grew with a serious deformity, poor Halo only had one functional paw to try to move around.

Those first days on the street were hard and dangerous for the furry one.


Fortunately, luck was on her side and the puppy was rescued by people with an admirable spirit. Halo arrived at the Safe in Austin Rescue Ranch shelter, where she was helped to overcome her condition.

In the company of Jamie Wallace-Griner, her rescuer and guardian, the puppy began a rehabilitation process to treat her mobility problems.

Jamie is responsible for all the progress the dog has made since the moment she took her off the street.


Although it hasn’t been easy, Halo is now a very different furry puppy than the puppy they found on the pavement. The early days were not easy, but Jamie showered her with love and attention.

The baby took her baths in the sink at Jamie’s apartment.

On top of that, after a medical check-up it was determined that an amputation of her deformed paw was necessary. The puppy had to undergo surgery on her hind leg, as the deformity further hindered her movement.

Halo then received cosmetic surgery and began ongoing rehabilitation.

Jamie exercised the puppy’s paws and encouraged her to keep going. No doubt that support was essential for the puppy. But in addition, Halo has a spirit that radiates so much love and happiness that it is capable of infecting anyone, so now her life has taken another direction.

She now has a prosthesis and has started to use it.

Watching Halo walk with her mechanical leg has been a pleasure for Jamie and the other caregivers at the shelter; but it doesn’t stop there, the little girl has become an inspiration to others.

The staff at Safe in Austin Rescue Ranch are angels in the furry girl’s life, for without them the little dog would have been left behind or, worse, would have perished on the streets unable to defend herself.

Now Princess Halo is determined to inspire many and in one way or another she is doing just that.

Halo is a therapy dog whose example of perseverance helps children with mobility problems. The little ones see in her an example of self-improvement and Halo’s energy motivates them and helps them to release all the stress and frustration they accumulate due to their condition.

At the shelter they value her work very much.

The puppy has a long life ahead of her and surely many obstacles to overcome but the prosthesis is making her days easier.

Halo has a lot of energy, so it is not like her to stay in one place and this situation had caused her some injuries in the past.

Jamie is still by her side protecting her.

Her playful personality demanded her to be in constant activity, despite what she suffered from moving around but today it is a very different story.

In addition to her encounters with the children, this dog is a playful and happy canine who thoroughly enjoys spending time with the other furry dogs in Jamie’s care.

We love happy endings and this dog had the most fitting one. She didn’t deserve to be the rejection of her family and even less for her condition.

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