Sick, sad and alone at a bus stop while watching people throw rotten food at him

A poor dog abandoned, alone and sad, at a bus stop, while people were throwing him leftovers of damaged food, tore the heart of his heroes. The outcome of this unfortunate case touches our hearts.

Hearing stories of stray animals left to fend for themselves is nothing new to anyone. However, as common as it may be, the drama experienced by each one of these furry animals who have been paid by life in the worst way, is depressing and even disturbing.

Sick and sad, he begged someone passing by the bus stop to take pity on him.

Doggies are the noblest of beings and would pay anything to have a home and owners to whom they can give their love and loyalty.

But, on the contrary, they have to make do with the hard life of the street, exposed to serious dangers, and to suffer abandonment, loneliness, cold, the most absolute sadness?

This was the life of this little dog that remained at a bus stop without anyone deciding to stop.

The little street dog lay there, sick, sad and alone, waiting for a compassionate soul. But everything seemed in vain, many people passed by, some maybe just looked at him, threw rotten food at him, and then left.

The only thing he asked for was the crumbs of their love, nothing more….

And so he spent three long days in that busy place, starving and cold, but no one did anything for him…

Until a woman from a rescue organization, Stray Paws, in the United States, was alerted and did not hesitate to rush to his rescue.

“When I went to his rescue, he was still languid and very sad, curled up in a cardboard box,” the woman said.

The woman says her heart broke in two to see him there shivering from the cold, barely able to move. She immediately realized something was wrong with the dog.

“It was the most heartbreaking thing.”

So she set about picking him up to take him straight to the vet for a thorough examination.

The little dog was named Helu.

The vet was as sweet as could be with a little dog who was aware that he was in pain, as well as heartbroken from the loneliness of the street.

After running numerous tests on him, he discovered that what he had was very serious: he was suffering from a pulmonary effusion, which caused him to become agitated and unable to walk properly.

Therefore, he had to stay in the clinic for several days under his care, but the doctor promised Helu that everything would be all right.

The little boy was responding wonderfully to all the care and above all to the love he was feeling for the first time in his life.

So a few days later, the woman went to the clinic to pick up Helu, ready for him to continue to receive the care he needed.

Helu was now able to walk with the help of a leash and his complete improvement would depend on him simply feeling loved and loved.

Although several days had passed, the beautiful Helu immediately recognized his rescuer, the woman could not help but be moved and decided to adopt him forever, she would not allow her heart to be broken again and from now on the little guy deserved nothing but love.

Helu will never have to worry about his next meal or having a place to lay his head.

We love these happy endings like this, it’s what all the doggies in the world deserve. Congratulations to all those souls who selflessly give their all for the strays.


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