Small dog Nube Viajera passed away because he was depressed while waiting for his owner to never come back

For a loving and faithful dog, nothing is as important as not losing sight of the humans she adores so much and for whom she would give her life, if necessary.

That is why when her family commits the most cowardly act of abandoning her, her whole world falls apart, leaving her in utter desolation.

It is a serious mistake to think that animals lack feelings, they are beings full of unbreakable values, with an amazing loyalty. It is sad when an animal is the victim of mistreatment, and even more so when it is a case of limitless wickedness that comes from the hand of its owner.

That is what happened to this Creole breed dog, who unfortunately crossed the rainbow because of the pure state of depression and sadness she reached, after being abandoned at the airport in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

The faithful dog waited for her owner for THIRTY LONG DAYS, but she never came back!

Although it is an extremely sad and painful story, which happened in 2017, we want to review it again to raise awareness so that no other furry doggie goes through the same thing.

Nube Viajera, as this cute little dog was baptized by the airport staff, remained for a whole month in the same place where she was left.

She was always in the facilities of the Palonegro airport in Colombia. And the employees tried to offer her water and food to hydrate and feed her.

But, the saddest thing is that the dog refused to move a single paw from that spot. And so, days went by, and when she saw that her loved ones did not arrive, she stopped fighting, allowing the pain to take over her.

Sadness and depression took away all her strength and will to live, until they took her life.

Daily, for a full month, tourists and locals watched her wander throughout the airport in search of her loved ones. This is how this little dog soon stole the hearts of millions and captured the attention of all social networks. And, although many wanted to help her, she refused to move.

Nube Viajera did not have a collar or identification tag, but she was healthy and in good health. This made it clear that she was not a dog in a street situation, she was simply cruelly abandoned.

Tired of waiting for the reunion that never came, one day she stopped eating and lay down to die.

“Nube viajera, the cruelty of the cowardice of a human being. The dog dies because of her master’s abandonment”, published a person who knew her case closely.

Finally, one of the airlines offered its support so that this noble dog could be transferred to the Fundación Protectora de Animales and receive the necessary attention and care.

Alejandro Sontomonte Niño, veterinarian of the Foundation, confirmed that Nube Viajera’s health condition deteriorated seriously.

She stopped accepting food of her own free will

“It was necessary to hydrate her with serum and administer medications intravenously to prevent gastritis,” said the veterinarian.

Most devastatingly, Traveling Cloud’s case was not the first at Palonegro airport. Apparently, it was becoming a cruel habit by unscrupulous families.

The veterinarian made a call to the corresponding authorities about the need to create the Public Veterinary Hospital and an Animal Welfare Center, where they can attend, not only these cases of abandonment, but any other case that affects the integrity of the animals and puts their lives at risk.

Unfortunately, just 48 hours after being treated at the foundation, the puppy perished despite the fact that she did not present any disease.

“Her vital signs were stable. Therefore, it can be openly said that it was the abandonment and contempt of those beings she loved that killed her,” the veterinarian assured.

“NUBE VIAJERA. She leaves a great teaching. Fidelity until death. It is not a disease. It is a condition that veterinary medicine cannot solve.He stayed at the airport waiting for the return of his PERVERSED LOVERS,” concluded the devastated veterinarian.

Wherever the person who owned Traveling Cloud is, she should know that her behavior made her live the worst days of her life, and although she did not deserve it, she responded with a loyalty that she paid for with her life… What a pain!

What her owner did has no name, she could not bear the pain. It is time for everyone to remember that animals feel and suffer. Fly high, innocent traveling Cloud, where no one else can break your heart!


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