Spanish instructors teach Ukrainian soldiers how to use Aspide anti-aircraft missiles

Ukrainian soldiers train in Spain to operate Aspide anti-aircraft missiles.

Ukrainian servicemen are receiving training on the use of the Aspide ground-based anti-aircraft missile system at the Zaragoza Air Base.

There are 19 Ukrainian soldiers who are training in Spain to use the Aspides within the framework of the commitment of the European Union and the Spanish Ministry of Defense to provide support to Ukraine.

This training is divided into two parts: for operators and for service personnel (gunsmiths, mechanics and electronics operators). This is the first group of soldiers to learn how to operate this SAM.

“In addition to the training you are receiving here, I want to convey to you the support and commitment of all of Spain with Ukraine. Your stay here is a way of showing you our appreciation and admiration. All the Ukrainian people and you have shown that you are brave and heroic”, said Robles during his visit to the Base.

The Ministry of Defense has declared that Spain will support Ukraine until its total victory in the war.

Initially, the training mission was planned for three weeks, but it was decided to extend it for another seven days. Therefore, the exercises will end on October 14.

However, Spain will continue to train the Ukrainian defenders and on November 1 the second group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will arrive.

“The Aspide system, which trains the Ukrainian military, and is now used in the Spanish Air Force, will provide the Ukrainian army with combat capacity, in addition to acting as a deterrent,” the Spanish Ministry of Defense said.

The Spada Aspide ground-based anti-aircraft missile (SAM) system is also known as Skyguard Aspide is a joint Italian-Swiss development designed to destroy air targets at a distance of up to 12 kilometers.

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