The 19,5 million dollar for a tiny system, Is it really worthy?

Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Inc (Ultra) has secured an initial three ship set production order from Lockheed Martin Canada Inc. (Lockheed) for the supply of Hull Mounted Sonars (HMS) for the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) ship. The latest order is valued at circa $19.5M and further supports manufacturing jobs at Ultra’s recently refurbished and expanded site located in Dartmouth, Halifax. The CSC program is the largest and most complex shipbuilding initiative in Canada since World Wαя II. Revitalizing the Canadian shipbuilding industry, the project is sustaining and creating thousands of highly-skilled jobs and enables Canada to domestically support the combat ships once in service.

Rikki Douglas, Vice President of Business Development, commented: “We are delighted to have secured the next phase of the CSC HMS contract on such an important program to Canada and we are fully committed, working closely with Lockheed Martin Canada, to deliver an exceptional sonar capability to the Royal Canadian Navy.”

Tom Graham, CSC Program Director, said: “Ultra’s CSC team, based at the purpose built facility in Dartmouth, are well placed to execute the design, procurement, manufacture and supply of the HMS. We remain excited to be part of the wider CSC program, delivering state of the art equipment to the next generation of Canadian warships.”

Ultra’s Sea Searcher™ is a family of HMS that provides the latest innovation in Anti-Submarine Wαяfare (ASW). Sea Searcher™ forms part of Ultra’s flexible Integrated Sonar System (ISS) – an adaptable system that can be configured to meet individual customer and platform requirements. Sea Searcher is a medium frequency hull mounted sonar, that provides active and passive surveillance and classification capabilities in a broad range of environmental conditions. It is capable of omni or sector transmission and can also provide automatic torpedo classification with low false alarm rate, mine and obstacle avoidance, underwater communications and optional automatic marine mammal detection.

Lockheed Martin Canada holds the contract for the design and integration of the CSC Combat System with Ultra acting as the anti-submarine wαяfare lead, and supplying extensive capabilities, inclusive of the HMS. Ultra Maritime are applications engineers and trusted partners in the design, development and production of the key elements of mission critical, intelligent and highly regulated solutions to protect navies. Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Inc operate mainly as a Tier 3 (sub-system) and occasionally a Tier 2 systems provider, in the Maritime, C4ISR/EW*, military and commercial aerospace, nuclear and industrial sensors markets.

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