The charming story of a dog that spent 11 hours underwater trying to locate and save his owner

Heidi, a dog belonging to a fisherman, was seen floating in Moreton Bay, Australia, beside a tackle box, a wet suit, and other belongings from a capsized boat, according to the Queensland Police.

He became aware of a dog who was struggling to swim to shore. He observed a box of cufflinks close to the dog, as well as a wetsuit in the distance.

The man decided to run to the rescue and carry the dog to the shore by removing it from the water. Then, he contacted the coast guard for quick aid, detailing everything that had transpired.

Then it became evident that the boat had capsized. The rescue team came without delay. The dog was constantly whining and wanting to enter the water during this period.

Thus, the search continued for several hours, resulting in the rescue of a man. His owner was saved by the magnificent dof. It was a true miracle.

The man later revealed that he abruptly lost control of the ship, causing him and the dog to appear in the water, although in opposing directions.

In trying to locate his father, the dog stayed in the water for over 12 hours.

These are our guardian angels, who were made to bless our lives with unconditional love and devotion.

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