The dejected dog goes on doors with an empty bowl, pleading for assistance

The “American Strays Project” is a devoted campaign developed by the “World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S)” to raise awareness for stray dogs. During their investigation for this show, the volunteers stumbled upon a heartbreaking scene in a run-down Detroit area.

In this video, volunteers are seen following a homeless dog as he moves from house to house with an empty dish in his jaws. The dog makes his way through the thorny vegetation, hoping to locate someone who will feed him. However, he has little hope since the place is nothing more than a vast wasteland left by people.

The sight of the hungry puppy eagerly running about with the saddest look horrified the helpers. They followed the dog for almost 5 miles before ultimately filling his food dish and providing him with enough water to drink. Later, the volunteers made certain that all of the homeless animals in the desolate area were cared for.

Many people believe that homeless dogs either hunt for food or are constantly fed. However, the terrible fact is that they are always in anguish owing to the uncertainty of their next meal. We hope that this eye-opening movie inspires people all across the globe to keep an eye out for stray pets in their community.

Watch the terrible struggle of the homeless dog walking from door to door with an empty dish in the video below.

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