The dog didn’t realize the pit was intended for him as he sat next to the guy as he dug a hole in the garden

An American called Franklin Hardy told this story. When he traveled to Virginia to see his father, he saw him performing an unusual job: digging a hole with his closest buddy, a reliable and loving dog.

When Franklin asked what his father was up to, he got a startling response. It was later revealed to be a dog pit. According to the old guy, the veterinarian offered to give the terminally sick dog a last shot to avoid more pain.

This was particularly startling since the dog, who was completely oblivious of anything and seemed to be in good condition, followed the owner’s movements and then proceeded to run about the yard and play happily. Franklin volunteered to see another veterinarian just in case, but his father sadly answered that he trusted his seasoned physician totally.

But the son insisted on calling the vet again, even though it was the same one. He arrived, inspected the dog, and his decision perplexed everyone. He promised that the dog’s life was not in danger and that euthanasia was no longer necessary.

As a result, the veterinarian’s carelessness may result in the animal’s death. The young man posted this story on his Facebook page, cautioning others not to leap to judgment. Users, for their part, voiced displeasure at both the lay doctor’s and the dog’s behavior.

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