The golden retriever wept uncontrollably when he finally got to see his owner after five years

Because he couldn’t afford to care for him, the guy had to leave the golden retriever to someone else, and when he met the dog, the previous owner sobbed at the dog’s response, writing in embarrassment.

A recent story published on Sohu, China, has dried many people’s tears.

The guy said that he was fortunate to be accepted to work at a foreign business with a good salary around 5 years ago, when he had just graduated from high school. At the time, the guy rented a place on his own and acquired a golden retriever.

When the Golden Dog arrived at his new home, he was only a few months old, but he was very bright, and the owner only had to teach him a few times before he was able to learn on his own. As a result, the main character develops a strong bond with the little dog. However, the fact that the dog is so kind and appears to understand what he is saying makes him even more smitten.

Every night when he gets home from work, the little puppy greets him as soon as he opens the door to the house. When he’s angry, the Golden Retriever transforms into a “buddy” in whom he may confide and a tiny spiritual relief. I’m not sure whether the dog understood what he said, but he always sat patiently to listen to his sentiments.

Assume that life continues in this manner indefinitely, but “good days are fleeting and not unpleasant.” After three years of calm, “storms” struck. His job is quite cold, and his loved ones demand a large sum of money. The love story did not end well since he wasted the money he had saved on pampering his loved ones. As a result, his plans to marry the woman he had loved for many years were also shattered, both as a result of a brief message.

The wind and waves blew in unexpectedly, making the guy upset. He couldn’t get up because of the shock of the love story, and he had lost all will to work. Because he was out of work, he couldn’t afford to rent a whole house and keep living in the expensive city.

He had no alternative but to move to another city and eventually share a room with a buddy. However, as a result of the sharing, he is no longer capable of caring for the golden dog in the same manner as before. Despite his protests, he ended up giving the dog to a friend.

Because he couldn’t afford to care for him, the guy was forced to give the golden puppy away so that he might have a better life. Sohu provided the photo.

According to a friend, when he first moved to a new place, his golden retriever stopped eating for many days. At the moment, his pal attempted but failed to reach him. Fortunately, the golden puppy began to acclimatize and eat again three months later.

After five years of hard work, his life is now back on track. During this year’s Tet holiday, he decided to pay a visit to his buddy and see how the senior Golden retriever was doing.

The dog’s antics astounded the owner.When the Golden Dog observed the guy, he did not bark as usual, but instead approached him with caution. The dog seemed to grasp that his old owner had reared him, as he wrapped his arms around his legs and screamed repeatedly.

Everyone in the room was impacted by the Golden Dog’s answer, but the individual remained silent out of grief. He felt terrible since he had previously abused and left the dog.

Every dog’s owner is their whole universe. No matter how much the dog changes with a new owner or how much better life is, the dog will always remember the owners who used to lavish care on them.

As a result, think twice before giving your dog away or selling it to someone else, since they will be unhappy and miss you terribly.

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