The heartwarming moment when the entire village banded together to save the elephant trapped in the well

In Isiolo, Kᴇɴʏᴀ, an elephant became stranded in a muddy well overnight and was on the verge of passing out from dehydration. The traumatized animal was freed after four hours by a team, who also gave it 100 liters of water.

A video that was uploaded on the Internet by the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Isiolo, Kᴇɴʏᴀ, depicts the ғᴇᴀʀful animal being watered along the trunk using buckets and watering cans. It was imprisoned overnight in a muddy well at the Northern Rangelands Trust community conservancy.

The thirsty elephant, who was covered in dirt and dehydrated, was shown downing the water. After providing it with water, the team was able to free the elephant with the aid of locals from the village and the use of three cars. Additionally, Northern Rangelands Trust And Save the Elephants also provided assistance.

According to the conservancy, the elephant appeared to have suffered no significant wounds throughout its ordeal and was able to leave the area after being rescued. The elephant has subsequently been sighted and is doing well, the researchers later reported.

The conservancy also continued that it was amazing how much faith this thirsty and ᴛᴇʀʀɪғɪᴇᴅ wild animal had in his rescuers.

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