The little dog with a permanent smile on his face finally feels loved.

For some people, beauty is relative, and that is why the rescuer of this little dog could not leave him alone when she realized how special this little guy was.

Her name is Kaley Carlyle, a young woman who for more than 10 years has been dedicated to the independent rescue of animals, but she claims she had never seen a dog like the one in this story. Actually, we had never heard of a similar beagle either.

This little dog has unusual traits and a charming personality.

Kaliey learned about the dog’s life from a stranger who contacted her for help. The man was in possession of a different puppy and wanted to know if the girl could raise it.

As different opportunities, the young woman could not refuse and thought of rescuing him and then giving him up for adoption, but the furry one stole her heart.

Kaliey didn’t want the poor puppy to be rejected because of his appearance.


The first time she saw him she was amazed, she had never seen a dog with such small eyes. Not only that, but his mouth and teeth were bigger than usual. Kaliey has helped furry dogs of different breeds and mixes, but never one like the one she held in her arms.

Moved by the puppy’s innocence, the young woman decided to protect him like a true son and named him Chupacabra because of his resemblance to that mysterious and traditional creature of Mexican culture.

Although she actually calls him Chupei.

The little dog has almost no fur and his ears are kept constantly curved, but the most unique thing about the animal is his smile. His mouth and teeth are so big that they protrude at a glance and give the impression that Chupei is always smiling.

That particularity has stolen the heart of Kaliey, who has no doubt that the little dog really smiles when he is truly happy.

She knows it every time they play and the little one wags his little tail.

Worried that the puppy’s appearance might have some kind of health problem behind it, Kaliey took him to the vet for a check-up.

Fortunately, everything was going well with the puppy and there the young woman learned that his particular appearance was due to a genetic alteration. Chupei was born with an extra chromosome that caused certain physical alterations, but did not alter his spirit.

From a very young age, the little dog has shown to have a big heart and a lot of energy.

Chupei not only shines with his smile, but also with his little eyes and heart. The little dog has stood out for being an advocate for the other unprotected animals that have come to Kaliey’s home in the last three years.

The furry fellow is not so puppyish anymore, but he has the spirit of a child and loves to play and fun afternoons.

Isn’t Chupei the sweetest little dog?

Although the young woman thought about finding him a home to put him up for adoption, Kaliey doubted other people’s sensibility and bet on her own generosity to become the puppy’s final mother.

Moreover, after meeting him herself, she did not want to part with him, she had the need to protect him and love him forever.

Kaliey fell in love with Chupei and could not take him away from her.

The little dog is always in a good mood, but when he can’t find his favorite toy, Chupei goes crazy and becomes very haughty. The tricky part of the situation is that the dog is quite naughty and loves to hide things in different places in the house, the good thing is that Kaliey knows him so well that she always knows how to help him get his toy back.

This pair have become inseparable and that little dog that someone put aside because of his looks is now the most important being for a very good woman.

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